Wednesday, 15 December 2010

How to work Father Christmas

My daughter has met Father Christmas on three occasions so far this Christmas. On each one she has been delighted and the look on her face has been a picture I want to treasure forever. However, beneath the angelic smile and the perfect manners lies a far too-clever-for-her-own-good little schemer.

How so?

Well, on the first occasion she asked him for Toffee the Pony.

On the second she asked for Barbie's Tawny Horse.

On the third she asked for Barbie's Magic of Pegasus DVD.

Then she told me her plan:

"Every time I meet him, I ask him for something different, so then I get everything I want!"

When did she become so devious?


Kelloggsville said...

It will be her father's genes. Couldn't possibly be yours :0)

Helen Conway said...

Like mother, like...????

claire said...

You have explained to her that they are Santa's helpers, not the real Santa and if Santa gets too many messages from his helpers he may become confused, being very old and, let's face it, possibly not of right mind and therefore not get her anything?!!!

Just a thought! Btw have you done her a message from - brill site for devising your own message and you can even put what you would like her to work on this year! My two have being nice to little brothers and going to bed when your told!!!

Polly said...

Portable North Pole is brilliant. But then you do have a brilliant little girl there too!!

Saz said...

our kids are so clever at working us and the darkness that is

saz x

Gary@Leather Baby Shoes said...

Women are cunning and they obviously start young!

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic!!! You might be interested in my post today, although on a much more serious note to this one. Your daughter sounds far too clever for her own good. And extremely gifted!

CJ xx

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

Could it be she knows the truth (from a friend) and is milking this for all she can?