Monday, 27 December 2010

Emergency Plumbing

A lovely Christmas was had in the WM house. We had a gorgeous goose for dinner with all the trimmings, a Black Sheep Brewery Christmas Pud which I'd bought in August, Christmas Coffee from Whittards and Christmas Dinner Chocolates from Hotel Chocolat.

Mum and Dad livened up the evening by producing a variety of wind up toys they'd bought from Hawkins Bazaar and we all proceded to race them across the coffee table. The sight of the false teeth chasing the dinosaur was very amusing!!

MIL went to Yorkshire and we promised to keep an eye on her house.

All went well until this morning .......................

My mum and dad had gone home last night so we had a lie-in and then hubby said:

"I'll just pop over to mum's and we'll all have breakfast when I get back"

Five minutes later I got a phone call from him:

"Do you know where mum's stop tap is?"

Turns out that a pipe had burst in the garage, the condensing pipe had frozen up and her heating wasn't working.

She was due back this morning.

The clock was ticking, we had to fix this or she would never go to Yorkshire again at Christmas.

I rushed round with daughter and I started to sort out the heating while hubby dealt with the burst pipe.

I released the condensing pipe, got the heating working again and started to defrost the frozen pipe.

Hubby dashed to DIY store for plumbing stuff and home for his tool box then he set to work on the burst pipe.

He was just fitting the last little bit when BIL's car pulled up and MIL got out.

She went straight into panic mode, but I was able to say:

"Don't worry, everything's okay, just checking on your house"

Then we discreetly packed up and left for a very late breakfast.

Disaster averted!


Jen said...

Glad you had a good Christmas. The condensing pipe on my parents' boiler also froze over Christmas, because the overflow in the ground was frozen. The solution appeared to be to keep the overflow above ground, in a large plastic bucket, just in case that helps your armoury in the future!

Working Mum said...

Jen - that's virtually what I've done; I released the vertical overflow pipe from the boiler where it attaches to the draining away pipe to allow it to drain directly downwards rather than into the frozen pipe. Luckily my dad had told me he'd done that to his boiler last week, so I knew what to do!

gigi said...

Yall are GOOD and so fast!!!! Thank goodness now go and have a fantastic day!!

scrappysue said...

well done team!

Maggie May said...

Oh my...... you did very well.
She may never know!
Maggie X

Nuts in May