Saturday, 20 November 2010

Were there more than twenty four hours a day.........

20th November already?!

I don't know where the time goes.

So what's been happening?

Well, Prince Edward visited our school and daughter was most disappointed. She thought he would arrive in a horse drawn carriage and wear the full Prince's regalia a la Cinderella.

He didn't.

She did say, "He looked liked Dadddy................. only Daddy's fatter"
(Yes, her father appreciated that one!)

Yesterday was Children in Need and I've spent nearly every evening this week making Pudsey Bear cakes and biscuits for school inbetween trying to help daughter learn lines and songs for the Nativity (she's Angel Gabriel, but doesn't understand why when Gabriel was a boy and she's a girl - explain that one!).

I've been back to my GP about my plantar fasciitis (foot problem) and am now being referred to a Consultant Podiatrist, but I was supposed to phone for an appointment last Friday and still haven't managed to do so due to being rushed off my feet at work. I'm sure there's a pun in there!

This morning I was in school for an Open Day (hate being at work on a Saturday).

And of course, there's been the usual trying to fit in all the housework at weekends whilst husband is at various football matches (last weekend he went to three!) and failing miserably. I've now written the word "DUST" in the dust on the TV stand in the hopes that husband will see it when watching football and do something about it.

I know. Futile.

And it's that time of year again. I've got 130 tests to mark and 130 reports to write within the next two weeks on top of my normal job.

And I know I'm getting stressed because I was supposed to go to Ikea this afternoon to buy the storage for daughter's bedroom, but the M60 is closed due to a jumper and I find myself thinking "how inconvenient of them to commit suicide when I need to go to Ikea" rather than "how terribly sad".

Need to get some perspective.

I may be some time...........


Expat mum said...

That plantar thing is quite painful isn't it? Fortunately mine seemed to be just a phase, but my friend has to wear really ugly things on her feet at night!

Denise said...

Sometimes perspective is hard to come by ! Until it hits you in the face - might use the writing in the dust trick myself !

Kelloggsville said...

I remember declaring once "how selfish" when a jumper from a train bridge caused chaos in my locality. My own lack of feeling shook me to the bone. I guess it's probably natural *sigh* ood luck for the next few weeks...shoulder to the wind and all that :0)

gigi said...

Well, you sound as if you need some hlping hands over there! I'd help but can't get there soon enough. Good luck.

Maggie May said...

I am sorry that you have that plantar thingummy because the pain is terrible. I have it!
I found that when it first started, I bought some arch supports for my shoes and the pain subsided for years. Now it has re emerged and is really painful. What now?

The time problem is another thing that is affecting me. Although I don't do anything like what I used to, there still isn't time to do all the things I need to do. Then there is Christmas.......sigh!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

@ly said...

Your overwhelmed....need to not worry about the dust....sit down with a cup of tea and relax...even if for just 10 minutes.

Lorraine The Party Times said...

hi you, there were more hours in the day before I had children...fact!!!

Working Mum said...

Expat mum - very painful, especially as I'm on my feet all day, I hope I don't have to wear those things.

Denise - I certainly got some perspective when I thought about that poor jumper in a less than selfish way.

Kelloggsville - yes, I realised how wound up I was when my first thought was about me and not the jumper, awful isn't it?

Gigi - I wish I could come over to you, the break would do me good!

Maggie - I've been wearing arch supports since August and they do give some relief, but my GP said they should have solved it but haven't because I'm on my feet all day. Here's hoping the podiatrist can solve it.

@ly - I took your advice and sat down with a cup of tea, then I attacked the bedrooms and feel much better knowing that at least the upstairs of the house is clean - downstairs next weekend!

Lorraine - I used to sit and read books during the day! Yes, really!

Helen Conway said...

You don't need perspective. You need a cleaner.

auntiegwen said...

try fitflops I promise they don't sponsor me or give me free stuff but when I was teaching and on my feet all day long they really were the comfiest thing I found

Anonymous said...

Loved your daughter's 'Prince Edward' comments - really made me laugh! :)

Anonymous said...

November is just going too fast, isn't it? I am back and blogging again and loving it, but now I am wondering where all the time goes.

Anonymous said...

Yep, November seems to get busier and busier every year doesn't it. It's the run up to Christmas - I think the world comes to a standstill for 2 weeks in December!

Love the comment about daddy being fatter....!

Good luck with the foot. There was a pun in there, but I'm not sure which way round it was!!

CJ xx

Polly said...

Im sorry Im sitting here smiling at your post because Id be likely to think the same thing about the jumper....I hope that you get somw down time soon.

Carrie said...

I think you need to take a break and breath, don't stress yourself too much=)

Working Mum said...
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