Thursday, 28 October 2010

A Question of Sport is just not sporting

For husband's 40th birthday you may recall that I bought him two tickets to see A Question of Sport 40th Anniversary Tour at the MEN Arena. Not only that, I paid rather a lot of money for him and a friend to have the "Platinum Experience". A chance to meet Phil Tuffnell, Sue Barker and Matt Dawson before the show, ask them questions, have photographs taken with them, a signed programme and seats in the first four rows.

A few weeks ago we received a letter saying that Sue Barker would not be available for the Platinum Experience.

I was a bit miffed.

Last night hubby and friend went to the show and after pursuading the officials that there actually was a Platinum Experience to be had (they had the passes to prove it), they went in only to find that Matt Dawson had caught a train to Liverpool by mistake and was not available.

Now, given that I forked out a large sum for this special occasion, and that two of the celebrities did not show, do you think I can ask for two thirds of my money back?

Update 29 October: The co producers of the show have seen this post and offered me some QofS merchandise and tickets to another show with a chance to meet Matt Dawson (oh, the power of the internet!). However, my husband cannot attend another date now he is back at work, and besides, that is not the point. So, my letter has gone to Live Nation to ask for a partial refund. I'll keep you informed.......


Jen said...

I definitely think you should complain, I guess their terms and conditions might state the participants cannot be guaranteed? So I'd just set out a letter stating all the ways the experience did not match up to what you booked and say you feel that given so many issues, you did bot get what you paid for and feel you should be given a refund ( maybe only for the bit over and above normal ticket cost?)

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

Well, with two out of three celebrities missing, it sounds more like a Tin Experience than a Platinum one, so I would say you are more than entitled to a total refund!!

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely shocking! I'd certainly write and complain if it was me.

libby said...

Oh dear. Like you I would want to try, but I suspect you might have to just accept it. Did he enjoy it anyway?

Working Mum said...

Jen - I can't find any small print, but you may be right. I didn't pay all that money for one out of three so I'll still try for compensation. The bit over and above the normal ticket costs was £270 which is why I'm so annoyed - I reckon I should have £180 back!

Addy - It was only the fact that he could meet all three that made me plump for the present. Tin it turned out to be!

rachgrif - I am writing my letter today.

Libby - I hate that I have been stung for so much money and my husband's birthday present was not what I intended. He did enjoy the show which cost £35 per ticket - I should have just bought the show tickets!

Emma said...

I would as for at least a percentage of the money back! It's like me other halfs kick boxing has been cancelled for a week because the hall is being done up, I asked him if this meant he would get the month cheaper he said no but after I kicked up a fuss about it he has looked into getting the month cheaper.

Maggie May said...

That was definitely off wasn't it? I think you should have had a full refund!
Hope you get it, seeing as you paid so much.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Definitely right of you to complain - I hope they sort it out, sounds like you should definitely get some form of refund