Friday, 1 October 2010

Male brain vs female brain

We have a half term holiday at the end of October and husband and I have been approaching it in very diferent ways. This week he asked if he should book us into a B&B in Ingleton for a few days and go walking.

I said, "No".

The reason?

Well, in his head half term looks like this:

Saturday - City match
Sunday -
Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday - City match
Friday -
Saturday -

In my head half term looks like this:

Saturday - shopping, washing, cleaning, empty daughter's bedroom, rehearsal and concert
Sunday - daughter's swimming and riding lessons, clear gardens
Monday - plasterer coming to put coving in daughter's bedroom, plumber coming to remove radiator, prepare daughter's room for painting
Tuesday - husband's car MOT, daughter's friend coming for day, choir rehearsal
Wednesday - hair appointment, paint daughter's room, burglar alarm service
Thursday - my car MOT and service, paint daughter's room
Friday - carpet fitter coming to put daughter's new carpet in, fit new curtains
Saturday - shopping, washing, cleaning, plumber coming to put radiator back in daughter's room
Sunday - daughter's swimming lesson, daughter at party, put daughter's stuff back in her room


Jen said...

Oh dear, so true.

Our half term:
Son off all week, at football 10-3, Mon, Wed, Thur, Fri
All 4 of us at Dr Who event Tues
Daughter off all week, orthodontist visit Friday
Me off all week (booked hol)
Husband? "I need Tuesday off then do I?"
Me: "Some other days would be good too."
"But Tues is the only day I NEED off."

Maggie May said...

Ha ha! Yes that just about sums up the difference.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Kelloggsville said...

*sigh* this would be really funny if it wasn't quite so close to home!

Saz said...

l know l know.....and l moaned and moaned and then suddenly it all stopped...

hold on, and wait and watch for the sunshine moments through the chinks...
luv saz x

libby said...

Oh spot on.....never wished I was a man, but that blank brain thing they have going on must be so peaceful......

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

Haha. I think I prefer his version.

Claire said...

Love it! So true!

Polly said...

Oh....goodness I am laughing with you because my DD would be the same.

Helen Conway said...

Tell him yes - to book a single room for you at the B&B and he can do the rest :)

Jacki said...

Hahaha...this made me laugh because it is SO true!

Catharine Withenay said...

Sounds horribly familiar...