Saturday, 30 October 2010

Half Term, Halloween and Hair

Yes, it's nearly the end of half term and I've been busy, busy, busy. Sorting out the garden, getting the cars MOTed, visiting friends, taking daughter to parties, Christmas shopping and writing my Christmas cards (have to get ahead!), making delicious Thai pumpkin soup and baking lots of Halloween pumpkin cake.

I've also been busy painting daughter's bedroom including dipping my hair in tins of emulsion (not intentionally). It's now painted "Beauty Queen" and "Lilac Bloom" (her room, not my hair) and is just awaiting the "Coral" carpet.

We've had a family fun day to York where we visited Jorvik Viking Centre, but refused to pay £20 to visit the Minster. (Since when did I have to pay a fixed entrance fee to visit an Anglican church? I'm a member!! What happened to leaving a donation?)

Daughter has had some friends round to play and, since it's nearly halloween, and I am the Queen of Cupcakes, I decided to do Halloween Cupakes with them. Here are some of their creations:


And I've had my hair done.

I love having my hair done. Three hours of being pampered and not being mithered. Bliss!

Just waiting for the carpet fitter to arrive to do daughter's carpet and then I can set about making it the best bedroom in the world ever. It's going to be fab-u-lous! (Photos later, I promise)

Now that's a successful half term.


Jen said...

Too late now, but have you heard of the Yorkshire Pass?

Jorvik and the Minster are both free admission with it, I don't know if it would add up better?

Oh and Girlguiding members get 15% off till the end of the year (I always bring everything back to Guiding don't I!) using this code: GGJUL10

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

Look forward to seeing those photos of the room. The cakes are fatastic - you really are good at those - where do you get the toppings? Or do you make them yourself from marzipan etc? My daughter visited York for the day a few weeks ago and also declined to go inside the Minster because of the entrance fees. Since when have you had to pay to visit God's house and talk with him? It's the same here in London with the big cathedrals and abbeys. It's an outrage! You'll be glad to get back to work for a rest!!!

Denise said...

I love your posts - we are doing my sons bedroom at the moment too ! Your cakes put mine to shame - but hey ho my son likes them, and they never last long in this house. I must start blogging cause i love reading certain blogs, but not sure my life would warrant a blog !


Working Mum said...

Jen - We actually paid for Jorvik with Tesco vouchers, so that cost us nothing, but the Yorkshire pass would be something to consider in the future if we have another holiday in Yorkshire like we did this summer.

Addy - the girls made the skulls and pumpkins (under my direction), they were pretty easy, balls for pumpkins (with lines pressed in using a cocktail stick) and circles squashed at the bottom for skulls. We added the black bits using triangle and cirle cutters. Simples!

Denise - that you for your kind comment. You must start a blog, you'll find it strangely addictive and I like the way I can chronicle parts of my life that I'd otherwise forget and my daughter can read when I'm old and she's my age!

libby said...

Well done on getting so much accomplished..and for not paying the entrance fee! I too insist on not paying these, yet would and have gladly given donations.
Yet again your cupcakes look superb...who taught you how to cook?

Working Mum said...

Libby - I think I've just got a bit of a "can do" attitude to cooking and, armed with my Good Food Magazine, I'll have a go at anything. And I did attend a cupcake course last year at "Leah's Pantry" (just Google it) which gave me lots of inspiration for my cakes.

Tawny said...

The cakes look lovely, I know what you mean about paying to go in a church. I had to pay to go in Canterbury Cathedral and I resented every penny. I would probably have left more as a donation anyway!

Anonymous said...

Your life sounds a little like mine right now. I'm having Amy's bedroom decorated next week and going for a new hair do tomorrow - seriously can't wait!!

CJ xx

Anonymous said...

Hello! I hope you don't mind but I've tagged you in a meme to share favourite soup recipes. I wasn't sure if this was something you would do, but your foodie posts always make me hungry, so I figured you'd have something delicious to pass on! The post where I've included the link is