Saturday, 18 September 2010

That'll teach me!

As you know, my MIL has a habit of turning up on Saturday mornings expecting coffee and cake while I'm busy unpacking the shopping and doing five lots of washing. Well, this morning it was my birthday; I had Tesco deliver yesterday and I did most of the washing yesterday evening so that I could enjoy my day. I had breakfast in bed, opened my presents and cards and then waved hubby off to work leaving me and daughter free to enjoy ourselves. One thing I did not want to do was entertain MIL!

Knowing the time she normally calls, I packed daughter into the car and went to collect a parcel from the Sorting Office.

"Hmmmm, need to waste some more time", I thought.

So I took daughter into the local "village" to try out one of the coffee shops. ( I say, "village", it's called a village but is a little group of shops in the suburbs, it was probably a village at one time.) One milkshake, one cup of tea and two slices of Bakewell Tart later I thought it safe to return home.

On opening the door I saw a birthday card on the mat.

"Mission accomplished" I thought.

Then I saw the handwriting.

My brother.

He had driven 30 miles to come and see me with his card and I'd missed him.

Half an hour later MIL turned up.

That'll teach me!


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Ouch! Hope the bakewell tart was worth it!

Happy Birthday, hope it's been a good one.

CJ xx

libby said...

Happy Birthday!
Just embrace the MIL situation with grace...what is meant to be will be. Shame you missed your brother but have a good day.

Kelloggsville said...

arrrrgh! Happy Birthday all the same :0) xx

Maggie May said...

Now that was nasty and it serves you right. (giggling as I wrote.)I can remember doing similar things.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Expat mum said...

Don't you people have phones?
Happy Birthday BTW.

becomingkate said...

Oh no! Well, Happy Birthday!!

gigi said...

That is so sad, I would have cried :(
Happy belated birthday to you!

claire said...

Happy Birthday - hope our card arrived in time. We had a lovely W Anni (20 yrs!!!) meal out last night so hopefully you did the same! x

Working Mum said...

Crystal Jigsaw - at least the bakewell tart was homemade.

Libby - I've been embracing it with grace for four years now, I just wanted a break on my birthday. Oh well, serves me right.

Kelloggsville - apart from that incident, it was a nice day.

Maggie - yep, serves me right. I guess I can't escape the MIL visit!

Expat Mum - apparently my brother rang on Friday night, but didn't leave a message, just thought he'd turn up. He'll know better next time.

becoming Kate - thank you.

gigi - it was disappointing as I haven't seen him for ages, but we do speak on the phone (just not when he's planning to come round!)

Claire - Happy Anniversary! I spent most of the 15th thinking "this date rings a bell", but in the end decided it was because it was Prince Harry's birthday! Glad you enjoyed yourselves; yes, we three went out for an Italian meal last night (Italians always love children so a good place to go with Izzy) and had a nice time.

Sarah said...

Yikes, what a sod's law moment.

Happy Birthday for Saturday, mine is today. Go Virgos!

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

Your MIL must have radar. You'll have to lie low and not answer the doorbell.

scrappysue said...

shit shit shit shit shit!!!!! belated birthday greetings tho!!!