Thursday, 16 September 2010

Maple Syrup & Pecan Cupcakes

It's my birthday on Saturday and there is a tradition in my department that the birthday boy/girl provides cake for the rest of the department. Of course my department have come to expect something stupendous from me given my reputation for cupcakes so I have to deliver.

The pressure, the pressure.........

This year I thought I would go for an Autumn theme and toyed with blackberries and hazelnuts but then I saw these:

at Lindy's Cakes.

"That's it!" I thought, "Maple Syrup cakes with Autumn Maple Leaves"

So I ordered the cutters and set about researching recipes. Pretty soon I found a cake recipe, but finding a recipe for the buttercream/frosting, oh my word!!

I found recipes using egg whites, recipes using egg yolks, recipes with comments saying that the quantities are all wrong and one that used meringue powder (what on earth is meringue powder?). I eventually found a recipe that looked suitable at Baking Bites, but the recipe was in cups! Not even sure if the site was using US or Canadian cups! After googling conversion sites and trying to find out how many UK ounces to a cup I discovered that it depended on the ingredient being measures since cups is volume and ounces is weight (or mass if you want to be pedantic).


I just want to make maple syrup flavoured buttercream!!

Last night I made the cakes.


The cakes overflowed and then baked with rock hard crusts and virtually nothing underneath (I thought there was too much baking powder in the recipe). In the bin they went and I returned to my old faithful victoria sponge recipe with added maple syrup and pecans.

Tonight I made the buttercream (my usual recipe with added maple syrup) and decorated them.

Here are the results:

I just hope my department appreciate them!


Sass said...


Words fail me. I bet they taste great too. What lucky work colleagues. When I get over my feelings of awe I'll post my lame attempt at cake decoration after Peaches' birthday party.

Working Mum said...

Sass - you really don't want to look at this post, then:

(I think you missed Izzy's birthday cake last April)

MrsShilts said...

Wow! What a very lucky department. They look absolutely amazing..Happy Birthday for Saturday :)

mater familias said...

They look so yummy. Any chance you'll have any left over?! (I'll be collecting from after-care . . .)

Mummy Balancing Act said...

They look amazing! Did you come across any recipes without egg? My little boy is allergic. I too recently had a cupcake disaster when try to make them without egg.

Maggie May said...

I am sure that the department will be drooling over them.
Now that would have been really ambitious for me! I would have chosen something from a shop..... but you have a reputation to keep up!
Happy Birthday.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Working Mum said...

mater familias - sorry, they all went (I gave some to the After Care ladies as well)

Mummy Balancing Act - no, sorry, I don't know of any recipes without egg, only ones without butter

Kelloggsville said...

beautiful! well done and Happy Birthday xxx

LizzyO said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! These are amazing! Am not sure how I go about searching your blog, but I don't suppose you've got any recommendations for super-indulgent chocolately cupcakes, do you? It's my OH's sister's 30th in a couple of weeks and I thought I might bake some for her as she adores choc cake.

Working Mum said...

LizzyO - Thank you! If you go to the little Blogger search box in the top left of my blog screen you can type in "cupcakes" and search for all my posts about cupcakes. There are some chocolate Easter cakes made with chocolate brownie cake mix and chocolate buttercream (I published the recipes). I put easter eggs in the buttercream, but you could do some sprinkles or an individual Belgian chocolate on each cake. Let me know how you get on!

Working Mum said...

LizzyO - oh, oh, I just remembered, there are some chocolate rocky road cupcakes as well (search for Cupcakes Galore), same cake recipe as the Easter ones, but top with melted chocolate, marshmallows, turkish delight, fudge, dolly mixtures, pecans, walnuts, glace cherries, etc whatever you want. Now you've made me want one!

LizzyO said...

Ooo...thank you! Am going to go look-see now! x