Friday, 3 September 2010

Free Food Time!

As you know, I can't pass up the chance of free food and now is just one of those times.

It's blackberry picking time!

Our hedgerows are currently teeming with juicy blackberries, so get out there!

I thought this year I would perform a public service and show the blackberry virgins (so to speak) what to do with their bounty so that they can have delicious blackberry based food all winter.

You will need
  • a tub to collect your blackberries
  • a colander
  • kitchen roll
  • trays (baking or otherwise)
  • freezer bags
and here's what you do:

1 Hit the hedgerows and collect a tub full of juicy blackberries
(they should come away easily when you give them a little twist):

2 Wash the blackberries a few at a time in a colander:

3 Gently roll the blackberries on kitchen roll to absorb some of the excess moisture:

4 Spread the blackberries out on trays and place in the freezer for 3 - 4 hours:

5 Remove from freezer, transfer to freezer bags and return to freezer:

You now have individually frozen blackberries which you can use a few at a time for such delights as Apple and Blackberry Crumbles and Pies, Blackberry and Apple Crumble Cake, Blackberry Muffins, Blackberry and Apple Jam, Blackberry and Raspberry Smoothie, Blackberry and Hazelnut Scones, Nigella's Anglo-Italian Trifle or my favourite, the delicious Blackberry and Almond Meringue Cake!



Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

I already have - my mother has a thornless blackberry going mad all over her garden fence! We had crumble two weeks ago (yum!)

Working Mum said...

ADDY- Brilliant! We've had blackberry scones and blackberry flapjack so far.

libby said...

As a cooking with blackberries 'virgin' thank you for the tips! I used to eat loads and loads of them when we we little roaming around the countryside next to our council estate...but haven't picked any for years. Might 'forage' a little tomorrow!

Working Mum said...

Libby - I'm so glad you've decided to give it a go - you'll be hooked!

sally in norfolk said...

I may miss the blackberries this year as iam away on holiday for a month... and i fear they will all be over when i return in october :-( I like to make backberry and apple jam too !

Iota said...

Every childhood should have memories of blackberrying outings!

Helen Conway said...

Sometimes these days I fear my life is copying yours. I went blackberrying when we moved in. Only I never got to the freezing part - we went straight to crumble not stopping at Go not collecting £200!