Saturday, 25 September 2010

A few random thoughts on this week

Why is it that I'm too busy working during the week to read any blogs, but when I try to read them at the weekend "service is unavailable"!?

Why can my hairdresser give Izzy french plaits in three minutes when I just turn her into a haystack in half an hour of trying?

Why do Next sell shoes for little girls with heels?

And who buys them?

Who was it that signed up for something I recommended which resulted in my receiving a thank you hamper of goodies at work yesterday?

Why do six year olds need six lots of homework a week, plus recorder practice and learning lines for assembly?

Why do things run like clockwork when my husband is away, but not when he's at home?

Why don't shoes come in shoe boxes anymore when you need the boxes for harvest festival?

Why did our friend not tell anyone he was getting married on Thursday, in Thailand?

Why do Boden always sell out of size 12?

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Sass said...

I did go straight from your blog to the Tesco site to sign up for home delivery this week. And jolly good it was too. Unpacked in the kitchen for me.

I'd love to think they made the connection but I'm not sure how. So it wasn't me. But hey, the thought was there!

Maggie May said...

The heels on girls shoes are awful. Shouldn't be allowed.

It is annoying about the french plaits. I try to do them in my granddaughters' hair and get into quite a pickle. Thought it was because their hair is so straight. However, if I remember correctly, Izzy has wavy hair and yet it is still difficult?
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Working Mum said...

Sass - glad you've discovered the delights of tesco on line shopping. The recommendation was not on this blog, it was a presentation I gave at work to a group of Heads of Departments, one of them must have taken up the suggestion and the company concerned sent me a "box of delights". Lovely surprise!

Maggie - I was astounded to find girls wearing said shoes at a party Izzy went to today. I don't think they should be allowed either.

Kelloggsville said...

Go to a school disco to see who buys the shoes that will throw their hips out of alignment and spoil their feet for the future. All clothes sell out of size 12 quickly - sellers take note make more size 12! I can french plait really well - it's one of my few good mummy skills.You can't expect to be able to produce cakes like you do and plait! (you should see the state of my cakes!)

gigi said...

Just because that's the way it is :)

Working Mum said...

Kelloggsville - you made me laugh; yes, I always expect to be able to do everything and am annoyed when I can't! I shall just bask in the glory of being a good cake maker!

mater familias said...

Intrigued by things running better without your husband. Not true in our house - I only just manage to hold it together when I am doing all my own job and mum stuff plus the dad stuff too. (BTW when is the harvest festival box for, and why don't I know about this?)

scrappysue said...

husbands DO tend to get in the way. that's all i got for ya today. it's monday!

Helen Conway said...

Please tell me you were looking for a Boden size 12 to put in a box for Izzie to wear when she is old enough to wear the heels. Please don't tell me that you can eat all those cakes and still be a size 12. All I can say is that I've never bought Boden but you can never get a size 16 of anything good in the sale. Maybe you can invent an app that tells you step by step how to do french plaits?

Working Mum said...

Mater Familias - I think it's because I just have one daughter and we work very well without a male person getting in the way!
PS Harvest Festival box was to take into school today, (it was in the school newletter), don't worry about it, I missed it last year.

Helen - Yes, I have been a size 10/12 all my adult life; if I find myself creeping toward a size 14 I have to stop baking the cakes and do something about it! You cannot be a size 16!!

Anonymous said...

I've given up with Next! I find them useless, and particularly overrated.

And I think there's no need for so much homework. Kids should be kids, they grow up too fast!

Great post.
CJ xx

Catharine Withenay said...

Turns out my daughter has had spellings to do for the last three weeks but never told me and had kept the book in a secret pocket of her schoolbag.

It did mean we didn't have six lots of homework each week. Until now...