Monday, 30 August 2010

Part 7 - Master Bedroom

Summer 2008

Master Bedroom

We had a rest over winter 2007/08 (apart from having a new boiler fitted after the old one packed up!) and then started work on two rooms together in 2008: the master bedroom and the lounge. Big mistake as this left us without a TV for months!

Master Bedroom before:

(It was basically our bedsit for the first three months)

(Look at the lovely 70s glass wall! It had to go)

Master Bedroom after:

(Glass wall replaced with stud wall)


Expat mum said...

Like the pink and very impressed that your husband went for that too!

libby said...

Absolutely have worked hard, but what a lovely home you have now.

scrappysue said...

is that pink wall straight, or is it an optical illusion? love the fuschia pink - awesome!

Working Mum said...

Expat Mum - He only went for it because it was a strong colour - sugar pink would not have been allowed!

Libby - thank you, I'm now starting to think it WAS worth the effort!

Scrappy Sue - it's two photographs stitched together, hence the funny wobbly wall.

Anonymous said...

We have that bedroom furniture!!!
My dressing table is a double one and I really liked it until one of my darling daughters spilt nail varnish remover all over the top!

Your renovations all look lovely -and a lot of work!