Sunday, 29 August 2010

Part 6 - Dining Room

Summer 2007

Dining Room

By now we'd done six rooms in five months.

We were starting to flag.

Also, work was going on outside eg soffits and fascias, clearing garden, patio laying, etc, hence the dining room took from June to September!

It took me a month of evenings to strip the room, then nearly another month to paint it after the plasterers had been.

Dining Room before:

(anaglypta - nice!)

Dining Room after:


Anonymous said...

No sooner have I commented on the spare room than the dining room pops up. Well done, it looks lovely and inviting.

Working Mum said...

Moannie - yes, I love entertaining in here. I think I'm a bit old fashioned about that, lots of people round here have converted this room into a playroom or children's lounge, but I like a posh dining room. Just had Sunday lunch in there overlooking the green and I just love it!

scrappysue said...

well, i know where i'm staying next time im up your way! looked thru all the photos - those kitchen DURING ones are fairly gruesome indeed!
what a labour of love - it all looks amazing - well done WM!!!

Polly said...

I love it, what a beautiful room you have created.