Saturday, 28 August 2010

Part 4 - Spare Room

February 2007

Spare Room

Whilst the kitchen company were doing the kitchen, I got on with revamping the spare room (which included having the bay window replastered because when I took the wallpaper off I found I could see daylight through the wall!)

I forgot to take "before" pictures of this room, but it's the same wardrobes, just picture a grubby green carpet and that 80s wallpaper "Provence" with swirly flowers..........

Now, the spare room after:


Expat mum said...

Oh you put me to shame. After 7 years in this house, our guest room still looks like a hospital ward!

Anonymous said...

Great job, very welcoming.

veri word: plaud. I applaud you.

Polly said...

Again a gorgeous room.

Jacki said...

Yes, I'll come stay there sometime. It looks very cozy.