Monday, 23 August 2010

Husband's Birthday Bash

For husband's 40th birthday I decided to do a Birthday Barbecue Bash for friends and family.

Little did I know the work this would entail.

Firstly, I ordered lots of decorations and balloons to transform the house and garden into a party zone.

Then, I spent three days baking, preparing and cooking for the feast. The menu included my famous lamb, apricot and almond burgers, my beef burgers with sun dried tomato and pine nuts, satay chicken (with my own satay marinade) and for the veggies, homemade falafel burgers.

For dessert we decided on our ever popular Ice Cream Factory: four tubs of Ben and Jerry's, homemade brownies and cookies and lots of toppings and sauces - everyone gets to design and make their own ice cream sundae! The grown ups love it more than the kids!

And of course, I had to make another birthday cake:

Then, I spent an hour or so on i-tunes making a party playlist of some new songs along with some faithful oldies. Yes, there was "Bohemian Rhapsody". Well, it had to be done.

We spent Saturday morning decorating the house and garden, running around borrowing our neighbours' garden furniture and laying out the food and drink.

Then guests started to arrive:

Of course, this being a typically British summer, as soon as we lit the barbecue, it started to rain. However, undeterred, everyone decamped inside the house, husband cooked the burgers and sausages under an umbrella and the party continued.

At about 10.00pm we lit and released the Chinese Lanterns:

..... then we waved goodbye to our guests and collapsed!

I think it was worth it though, don't you?


Anonymous said...

Looked like a lovely party - I hope you relaxed and enjoyed it too! I organised my husband's 50th last year so I know how much planning goes into it.

Polly said...

Fabulous, a BBQ always seems like the easy option doesn't it - until you start preparing. Your decorations look wonderful and I hope that your husband had a happy day.

Anonymous said...

My birthday tomorrow and unless I bake a cake there won't be one. Please can I have one of yours.

Lovely pics.