Thursday, 22 July 2010

I have returned, relaxed and refreshed!

I have returned from a lovely week in France.

We stayed with friends who did everything to make sure we had a wonderful and relaxing break. In fact, we were so relaxed, we couldn't make a decision about what to do each day! Luckily for us, our friends showed us around.

Here are Izzy's top five things she did in France:
  1. Ride a neighbour's horse (of course!)
2. Go swimming (in outdoor pool at Villefranche du Perigord)

3. See Bastille Day fireworks at Monpazier (and stay up 'till midnight!)

4. Go to Medieval Fete at Monpazier and learn to walk on stilts

5. Visit real caveman caves at Pech Merle and see real caveman paintings (of horses, of course!)

* * * * * *

My top five were:
  1. Prehistoric caves at Pech Merle
2. Chateau Bonaguil

3. Medieval Fete at Monpazier

4. Marche des Procucteurs at Loubejac (sort of farmers' market were you buy the produce and eat it there and then like a take away - here's Izzy eating snails!)

5. Pain au chocolat, croissants, wine, bread and cheese (I put 3lb on while I was away!)

* * * * * *

By contrast our poor friends were rewarded with the full "Izzy Experience" including:
  1. Getting lost in middle of night (she ended up in the bathroom by mistake wailing "Where am I?")
  2. Nightmares at 4am
  3. Nosebleeds (two; one in the middle of the night)
  4. Being sick at the breakfast table
A fair exchange of experiences?


BNM said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time and marvellous weather!!

scrappysue said...

yeah. i'd say the holiday worked out better for you guys! sounds wonderful. bonne something!

Moannie said...

Not hard to have a great time in La Belle France. Envy!

libby said...

Memories of France when mine were small have just come flooding back..your holiday week sounds perfect...friends, food, sunshine...who could want more.

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

Oh dear, I think you came off better than your friends. Poor Izzy - hope she is better. She was brave to eat snails: now THAT would have made ME sick at breakfast!

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

And yes, I am getting plagued by Japanese comments that I cannot understand nor can the translation service translate!! Does word verification eliminate them? If so, I may be tempted to put that on too.

Maggie May said...

If I ate snails I would be sick at the breakfast table!
Glad you had a good time in spite of the 4 things that were not so good.
Glad the weather behaved itself!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Working Mum said...

ADDY - yes, the word verification has stopped the Japanese porn sites leaving comments. Apparently, it is something to do with them getting their link onto your site that helps them to become more searchable, or something, anyway, not on my blog!

Mummy Cow said...

Wow - it looks wonderful! I visited the same places when I was on honeymoon - it really is a fantastic part of France. Glad you had a relaxing time - you needed it!

Polly said...

What a fabulous trip away. So glad you are back refreshed and relaxed.