Monday, 14 June 2010

Vuvu shmoo voo!

Anyone else sick of the World Cup already?

The only good point I've found so far was that I waited until England kicked off on Saturday before I drove home from my parents' and then the roads were lovely and quiet!

If I lived alone, football would just not enter this house in any guise. However, I don't know how I ended up married to one of its biggest fans, but I did. Consequently, the World Cup features heavily in our house. Husband even got overexcited when the Radio Times arrived with the wallchart to fill in with all the scores! (which he does religiously after every game) Personally, I can't even bear the sound of it on the TV, the roar of the crowd just gets on my nerves and now they've got these vuvuzela horns, sheesh!!

However, I am very interested in finding out which matches husband is planning to watch.


Because since his laptop developed a virus that prevents him from actually using it, he has commandeered mine to use for work and he is using it every moment that he isn't watching football. Hence, I only get to use my laptop when he's watching a game.

This could be the first World Cup I don't complain about!


Kelloggsville said...

Saturday night was the best dog walk I have ever had - not a sole around. My house would be devoid of all sport if I lived alone. The noise drives me nuts too and the irritating commentators stating the bleeding obvious, at least the vuvuzela horns part drown them out!

gigi said...

I wondered what that noise was, thnks for clearing that up for me. I've never heard of that kind of horn. Good luck.

Saz said...

so much revising going on, l cant believe l end up watching it myself.....duh!!

vive la France!
yeah engee-land..

saz x

libby said...

Oh those vuvu things!! drive me mad. Luckily my husband does'nt seem to want to watch all the just England I guess for now, and who knows how long they will stay in it? Poor you being denied access to you laptop..they become such an important daily necessary once you start to use them don't they??

Maggie May said...

Those horns are awful, aren't they? Even the players are put off.
I am not really into sport but I do get more patriotic over the World Cup.
I wouldn't like to share computers though, so it might be a blessing in disguise for you.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Those horn things - think I'm going to really detest the noise before the month is over

Here there is going to be an interesting Wimbledon / World Cup clash coming up... will be interesting to see

Sarah said...

No footie in my house - hurrah!

I was sick of the world cup by the middle of last week.

I think all the vuvuzela caca nerveux stuff is hilarious. Mind you, I'd have to paid millions to play in that cacophony too.

diney said...

Thankfully we are only going to watch the England matches, so I don't expect there will be many more of those!

Polly said...

Love that the games are on at 4am....don't have to worry about having Tv comandeered!!