Sunday, 6 June 2010

Isn't t'internet brilliant?

I didn't think so today after spending an hour on the phone to Pipex after finding I had no internet connection, having the woman declare it was a problem with my modem so she changed all my modem settings and internet passwords and then, finally, after nothing had worked and I asked her to check the line, she declared it was actually a problem at the exchange and would be fixed by 4.00pm! Grrrrrrrrrr!

However, once you get past the temperamental technology and the customer services part, it is wonderful.


Because through the power of Blogger I found an old school friend I had lost touch with. Someone I had been friends with and sat next to at school from the age of about 8. We even went to the same university together, but then she went off to be a hot shot lawyer and I married husband and moved to Manchester.

Anyway, through the miracle of Google I found her blog. I left a comment, and before we knew where we were I had invited her to tea. She came round for tea and cupcakes and a friendship was renewed!

Then, after tea today, when normal service was resumed, I ordered my on-line shop to be delivered on Friday so that I can go to my parents' next weekend.

After bath, daughter and I watched an episode of "Trapped" via the i-player and finally, t'internet was again fabulous in allowing me to e-mail pictures of daughter's first riding lesson to her grandparents and godparents in the blink of an eye.

Now, putting them on my blog, all my friends can see how she got on:

Isn't t'internet brilliant?


SeaThreePeeO said...

Hi! First time reader.

T'internet tis grand. Blogging ads well. Am a surprised at the amount of wonderful friends, some I may never meet face to face, that I have made thanks to the internet.

What ever did we do before we had it?

gigi said...

What great pictures of her! Yes, we love the internet here too!

Trish @ Mum's Gone to... said...

So glad you found your friend. How lovely!
The internet and blogging has led me to find my second cousin, 'Expat Mum'. We had been commenting on each other's blogs unaware we were related. Her married name didn't ring a bell and it took some facebook links via my mum and brother for it all to fit into place.

Mummy Cow said...

Indeed it is, but what's the betting that it'll not be working in school tomorrow when we need it?
The internet helped me find my first love (and he's the one I've been going on these secret dates with recently...).
MC xx

Anonymous said...

Brilliant when it works for you! If you're untechnie like me, then it does have it's problems (or perhaps I do).

Great pictures.

CJ xx

Jacki said...

Oh yes, I am a big fan of the internet, and Facebook. I have been able to reconnect with friends and family. Without it, it would be hard to keep in touch!

Kelloggsville said...

:0) yep ! and I'm really pleased the first lesson went well

Anonymous said...

When Paco gets tired, as he does more and more frequently I go into meltdown. Then he coughs a bit, and comes back to life and I'm smiling again. Blogging is soooo important to me and even now, two years later I find something else to do with it.

veri word: undemon...very apt!

Muddling Along Mummy said...

The internet is wonderful - I'm still astounded that its only been in my life for 15 years, I mean HOW did we manage before

Working Mum said...

Sea Three Pee O - Hi there, nice of you to pop in!

Gigi - how else would I be conversing with people in another continent?

Trish - fancy finding out you were related to a blogger you read! I sometimes wonder if I actually know the writers of some blogs. Of course my friends and relatives know this is me because I have a picture on it, but others.....

Mummy Cow - I have given up using the internet at school since our new filtering software blocks virtually every website teachers like to use!

CJ - I think we all have problems at times, however techy we might be. I've just spent 20 mins following Virgin's instructions on how adjust my settings in my e-mail client, only to find there weren't any changes and I needn't have! Grrrrr!

Jacki - yes, with friends having emigrated I can keep in touch so much easier via t'internet.

Kelloggsville - I think she is well and truly hooked!

Moannie - I know what you mean, I kept willing our old computer on until it gave up the ghost and I bought my shiny new laptop.

Muddling Along Mummy - I certainly think it's been a big boon for working mums; I can do my weekly shop, my banking, do my Christmas shopping, get a new car tax disc, etc without leaving the house! I had a dreadful time trying to do everything on a Saturday before.

scrappysue said...

the internet IS grand in those situations i agree! i hope that hubby's laptop is fixed soon and that u get yours back! we are only taking ONE laptop to australia tomorrow, and i have said to the girls - '6 doesn't go into 1 so there's no facebook this week!'

and yes, i'm over the world cup too - so noisy and droney (is that a word?) we almost did it (we, the kiwis , that is!) it was rather exciting here for a bit, but now it's old news - sheesh.....:)