Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Gotta love Gizzi!

(This is not a sponsored post, I'm just a fan and want to share)

I've found a new cooking hero - move over Delia, Jamie and Nigella - hello, Gizzi!

Tucked away on Channel 4 in daytime TV is "Cook Yourself Thin" with the delectable Gizzi Erskine. I wouldn't have known, but for a small mention in the Radio Times. Being a working mum, I don't watch daytime TV so I set the recorder and recorded the entire series which I'm now watching back slowly.

I love Gizzi's style, she's a young, Audrey Hepburn lookalike, but with a streak of feisty about her (just look at her fabulous tattoo!). She's a great chef, too, and has a lovely, relaxed style. She overhauls the participants "downfall" dishes without being patronising or admonishing.

I'm loving her recipes, just the sort of full flavour, fresh ingredient type of meal I love. I'm dying to try her Singapore noodles and I've already made her Skinny Strawberry Cheesecake - delish!

Unfortunately Channel 4 aren't doing a cookbook from the series, but Gizzi has her own book out

.... which I've promptly bought.

(Going to need a new kitchen soon to house all my cookery books!)

In it Gizzi combines her recipes with hints and tips about cookery techniques that even an experienced cook like myself can benefit from. I'm dying to make her Sticky Thai Chicken and Mango Salad. Roll on the Summer hols.

She also is the Queen of Gadgets, using lots of lovely kitchenalia to make life lighter. I love kitchen gadgets (can't live without my cherry pitter, wand blender and my apple slicer) so I've already been on t'internet ordered one of these:

and one of these:

Can you tell what it is?


Glummy Mummy said...

Do you know what, you've given me inspiration. I'm fed up of cooking the same-old, same-old, so Gizzi sounds like the perfect change. I'll have to find her cookbook soon!

Kelloggsville said...

I would go for fat sprayer and egg chopper but I'm odd fashioned...go on amaze me....

Sarah said...

Does it take the top off a boiled egg? Does it come from Lakeland, that emporium of everything a good cook didn't know she needed?

Maggie May said...

No idea what the gadgets are for..... but guessing.....
Bottles are for spraying a fine mist of oil. The other thing could be a lemon squeezer or some kind of poacher/steamer.
Never heard of Gizzi. its lovely though when someone like that tickles your fancy!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Mummy Cow said...

Is it a jar/bottle opener? Got to get this woman's book!
Still drowning under all the extra stuff that I'd left until Year 11 had gone...
Holidays soon!

Saz said...

looks like a diaphram that has been vandalised!!!

l saw this advertised on c4 and thought it a repeat of those girls who did eat yourself thin a few years ago....l shall try and catch it..

need to drop more lbs....just afew...well bellys actually..

saz x

Working Mum said...

The first one is an oil sprayer (click on the picture and it'll take you to the site I bought it from). No one's got the second one yet!

Anonymous said...

I think the first are sprayers of some kind and the second-well can't be an egg topper 'cos it is plastic- how about a funnel?

I found Gizzi a week or so back and fell in love with her charm and her so simple but yummy recipes...and the likeness to Audrey Hepburn [which she enhances with that hairdo] is lovely to look at.

Polly said...

She sounds right up my alley.

scrappysue said...

never heard of her, but am luvin the audrey hepburn hair!

bambam said...

Its a spaghetti measurer! I think anyway :) titchx