Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Working Mum Strategy Wins Prize!

Guess what? I won a competition!

Nadine, over at Time Management Mum asked for your best time management tip and I entered this little time saver for busy working mums:

My life saver is to stock up on lots of age appropriate presents, cards and wrapping paper in August so that when daughter is invited to a party I don't have to find time to go and get a card and present!

I realised what a time saver this is this week when one of the SAHMs from my daughter's class told me that she had spent the afternoon at ToysRUs buying a birthday present.

An afternoon?

An entire afternoon?!!


Kelloggsville said...

Me too, I buy presents in January sales and dib into them all year for party presents!!! I hope you enjoy your fantastic all expenses paid trip to OurGate xx

gigi said...

So do I! Great time saver.

libby said...

ps. well done on winning the prize...what is it?

libby said...

I must find out what your diet seem to have such energy.
I too like the 'plan ahead' way of operating, but have'nt had to do party presents etc., for years baby is nearly 19!

The Dotterel said...

The prize? No doubt the countless hours you save! We have a similar strategy - but for everybody. Whenever we see a present for somebody, we buy it.

Muddling Along Mummy said...

That's a great idea, I've tried it up put them somewhere I couldn't remember at the right time... double failure really

Tawny said...

An afternoon! Blimey as I remember it was chuck something in during my lunch hour. Life is far too short!

scrappysue said...

amateurs! well done u!

Working Mum said...

My prize is a £20 M & S voucher. Now I just need to find time to spend it!

Working Mum said...

Libby - diet consists of cake, chocolate and alcohol!

Muddling along Mummy - I understand, the hard bit is finding a hiding place for them where my daughter won't see them and think they are hers, then remembering where it is.

Tawny - exactly! Someone needs to give that mum a job!

Time Management Mum said...

Hi Carol
Well done again on your prize!
Your £20 voucher should be with you right now or in the post over the next few days! Euroffice - the comp sponsors have sent them out!!
Enjoy spending - maybe on a treat for you! M&S have some nice swimwear in at the mo!
Have a great weekend

MrsW said...

Oh yes - I also used Christmas shop in summer when they were little (preferably when in the US!) and there was always plenty left over for unexpected birthday parties.