Saturday, 1 May 2010

Pat a Cake, Pat a Cake

Remember way back in February I ordered a pony cake tin to make daughter's birthday cake?

And I said I may live to regret it?

Some of you left comments to the effect:
"What the hell are you doing woman? Just buy a cake!!"

Well, I didn't listen.

After the tin arrived, and it became clear that I had to purchase half of my local sugarcraft shop to make it, I trotted off to the shop to ask the nice lady's advice.

She took one look at the tin and said "That'll take you hours"

Not what I wanted to hear.

Still, she managed to whittle down the list of necessary items from the recommended to just a few piping bags, two nozzles and three colours.

On Thursday I made the cake.

I sat watching the oven anxiously as it baked, to make sure it rose properly.

On Friday I iced the cake.

It took me two hours, a pound of butter and a kilogram of icing sugar.

On Saturday we took the cake to her party, lit the candles, sang "Happy Birthday" and then....... was cut up into little pieces!

I could have cried.

And I'm doing it all over again now for Monday's Family Party.

Oh, you want to see what it looked like?


Okay then:

Orders being taken now!


Anonymous said...

That is beautiful! Well done!

libby said...

Dedication, hard work, lots of sugar/colour and I hope one happy daughter!! fantastic..well done.

gigi said...

How cool is that?!? Way to go with all that talent! Happy birthday weekend!

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

Joking apart - you should turn professional. It'd be a lot less stressful than teaching!

mater familias said...

Tasted good too! (Your buttercream is much lighter than mine - do you do it by hand or use a mixer?)

softinthehead said...

1kg of icing sugar - that must have been quite a party:)

Well done!

1 husband, 2 kids (and lots of books) said...

This is an amazing cake, clearly you are a woman of many talents. One of my best moments was when I asked Son if his cake had turned out like he expected and he said it was better than he expected. He's a stickly for detail, and very rarely 'wowed' by anything.

You're right that it is definitely far more expensive to make than buy
but the pride of this will last for ever. I hope your daughter was suitably impressed.

Michelle said...

Amazing, well done. Mich

Kelloggsville said...

clever clever mum, stand back and feel the other mum's envy - well done xxxx

Working Mum said...

Addy - a bit solitary, though, and I don't think I'd enjoy it if I did it all the time; I'll stick to teaching!

Mater Familias - thank you, I did think the sponge tasted nice, even if I do say so myself! Buttercream was unsalted butter and icing sugar beaten with an electric mixer for AT LEAST 5 minutes with the secret ingredient- a splash of HOT water. Try it, works a treat.

Softinthehead - luckily I only gave them the cake as they left, the parents had to deal with the sugar rush! ( Or eat it themselves as in Mater Familias' case!)

1husband, 2 kids- aren't children great critics? When I turned this one out of the tin daughter said it was "rubbish"! Changed her mind after I iced it though.

BNM said...

that looks fantastic - I'll be sending orders round next year - January and February... deliver to Wales?

Nunhead Mum of One said... on earth do you do it? the patience? I run out of patience BUYING a cake!!!!

Snaffles Mummy said...

Wow that is a very impressive cake. Well done you.

diney said...

Love it! I always make my children's birthday cakes - I love the challenge! The pony is brilliant - well done!

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Wow ! That is some cake - you're incredibly talented

scrappysue said...

you missed your calling! that's AMAZING!!!

Really Rachel said...

WOW! That looks fantastic!! Definitely worth doing it yourself. Amazing creation :)