Monday, 24 May 2010

Babysitter Required

As a Working Mum and a teacher, I have to spend a lot of evenings at school after daughter has gone to bed. When the dates of those evenings are published at the start of a school year I hope and pray that husband isn't busy and can get home in time for me to get back to school or better still, pick daughter up from school.

Mostly we manage.

If we can't, I had a few babysitters who could step into the breach. However, two have gone to university, one has emigrated to France and one has a husband critically ill in hospital. At times I have taken daughter to stay at my parents' overnight, but this isn't feasible now she has started school, and anyway, they are both at work so it isn't easy. So this leaves me with .................................. you guessed it, my MIL.

Now, next month we have an evening where both of us need to be at work, so we need a babysitter.

On Saturday, MIL turned up mid morning, as usual, whilst I was unpacking the Tesco shop and doing the washing. (I know, I know, I still haven't done anything about this). She took up residence on the patio awaiting her coffee and watched me pegging out the washing.

"Do you feel like you do lots of washing?" she asked, as I pegged out the third load.

"Yes," I said.

"So do I" she said.

Yes, that would be one retired woman's washing compared to a family of three with work clothes, casual clothes, school uniform, PE kit, sports gear and bedding. I let it go.

She stayed so long that husband fired up the barbie for our lunch, and felt he had to invite her to stay. (Well, how can you send a widow home to eat alone when there's a barbie going on?)

After partaking of our hospitality (and my homemade burgers) I took my chance and asked if she could babysit on said evening.

"Oh no, I have Womens' Fellowship on a Wednesday"



Maggie May said...

How unreasonable.
And she could have put the washing out!
Maggie X

Nuts in May

mater familias said...

Can I help?

gigi said...

I'm sorry!! You have reason to be upset with the MIL!!

Polly said...

I hope you still have your teeth...mine would have been worn down to the gums with all that gritting!!

mummyfiles said...

How rude! I would have found it very hard to bite my tongue. Good job hubby doesn't speak to his mum so we have avoided situations like this so far.

Family Affairs said...

SO sounds like my parents....Lx

Muddling Along Mummy said...

You did well not to say anything inflamatory - seriously not great

Kelloggsville said...

I am convinced she was only put on earth to make my MIL 'ALMOST' seem reasonable.

Ask the Young Leader at your Rainbows unit if they can help. The YL's are usually raising money for some International trip or other. There are CRB'd (if over 16) and training to work with children and are also usually from supportive families by the nature of what they are doing. Always a good option. I tend to use them a lot.

Working Mum said...

Kelloggsville - FANTASTIC IDEA and daughter knows them! I will check it out.

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

I think your hubby needs to have a serious talk with m-i-l.