Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Shuttle Launch

We got up at 2am

We drove for one hour to Titusville

We waited three hours for the launch

We spent one hour in a diner afterwards having breakfast

We drove for four hours to get back to our hotel

The shuttle launch lasted about 3 minutes

Was it worth it?


(Photos copyright Working Mum)


gigi said...

I am so happy you made it to the lift off! I've never seen one lift off but we could stand in our back yard when I was a child and see it go over with the fire coming out of the back! It was way cool every time!!!

Iota said...

Wow. Definitely an experience to remember.

Kelloggsville said...


1 husband, 2 kids (and lots of books) said...

Looks amazing. Son would love this, he wet himself with excitement when boarding a shuttle you could look around at the Kennedy Space Centre... although, to be fair, he was a bit younger then!

Mummy Cow said...

Wow! What a great experience! Glad you got to see it.
MC x

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Wow ! What a great experience (and great photos)

Heather said...

wow! that is amazing, I got chills just looking at the pictures.

MrsW said...

The launch when we're over is 0810 - still undecided on whether to spend £450!! Your photos are fab.