Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Now I'm a museum piece!

As you may know, this year sees the centenary of the Guide Movement.

Last week my daughter, who is a keen Rainbow, brought home a note saying:

"Mums, Aunties, Grandmas, could you please send any photos of yourselves as Guides to next week's meeting?"

So I hunted about in a shoe box in the study and found this:

Me receiving my Queen's Guide Award in 1984.

(Notice the Queen's Guide Award shaped cake my mum baked for the occasion, this must be where I get the baking thing from)

This photo is now going in a display at church along with my treasured camp blanket covered in my badges.

I'm now a piece of Guiding History!

I feel so old!!


MrsW said...

Ah they don't make uniforms like they used to - all jogging pants and hoodies, meh!

I have one of me in The Brownies in 1974 looking similarly militaristic - all that's missing is the marching!

Maggie May said...

Aw......that is lovely!

Nuts in May

Kelloggsville said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, that's brilliant!

PS if you want to see a really old guider have a look at the old lady in these photos :
And she was wearing her own original uniform. See you're a spring chicken yet!!

Suburbia said...

You have made me feel old, I was at work in 1984!!

It will be fun to see all the other pics :)

gigi said...

Such a great picture of you! Very cool that your things are a part of history!

claire said...

My claim to fame at school was that I was never in the brownies or guides! I was the only one in my class never to have been in either!

Nickie @ Typecast said...

LOL - Hall of Fame indeed :)

I have a picture of me in my old Brownie uniform (complete with brown bobble hat) selling plants to raise money for the local Blind society :D

Hayley said...

Wow old school! My Mums a Queens Guide ... cant remember what year but shes ... 48.

We're both guiders now together!

Great photo! Its great looking back at the old uniforms!

diney said...

I was the only one in my circle of friends not in brownies or guides as we lived so far away from school that it wasn't easy to get home from an after school club. (shame!!)

Jen said...

So cool, I already knew you were a queen's guide but love the pic! I was a guide in 1984 too...and more importantly in 1985 for the 75th! Now I am loving the centenary...though ask me again after camping with 16 brownies this weekend!!!

Polly said...

Fantastic - how wonderful that you had something to contribute. My mum wouldn't let me do guides, she said I had too many activities....I was always most upset.

Working Mum said...

Mrs W - I think it's all far too casual nowadays! ;)

Kelloggsville - I remember that post now; can't believe she kept her uniform. Mine was dismantled to put the badges onto my camp blanket.

Claire, Diney and Polly - I feel so sorry for you, Guides was great!

Hayley - you are making me feel even older!

Jen - you are a star! I'm sure you'll love it, really.

scrappysue said...

ummmmmmm, u haven't changed a bit? hehe