Sunday, 28 March 2010

Don't you just love British Summer Time?

This morning my brother and his wife forgot to add the hour on. Major problem as they had invited us for lunch at 1.00pm. My SIL went into a complete panic. I told her not to worry and offered to help. We eventually sat down to a wonderful lunch at 3.00pm.

This would never happen to me.

Not because I am so perfect I would never forget.

No, it's because of this:

Things I have said to my MIL today
(with apologies to Millennium Housewife for pinching her idea)

  • hello
  • no, sorry, Andy's not in
  • he's gone to the tip
  • I'm not sure when he'll be back, why?
  • yes, he will come and change your clocks
  • no, he's not forgotten
  • I know you asked him last week
  • yes, and you have phoned twice since then to remind him
  • he said he'll do it, so he will, he won't forget
  • no, I don't know what time he'll call
  • well, it doesn't matter if you are out when he calls, he has a key
  • yes, he knows the alarm code
  • yes, he knows which clocks to change
  • yes, he knows to do the central heating clock
  • no, I don't know what time he's coming to do them
  • well, as I said, he has a key, so you don't need to rush back from church
  • well, I don't know if he will come while you're at church, but as I said, he has a key
  • yes, I'll tell him you called when he gets home
  • no, I don't know what time he'll be home
  • well, as I said, he has a key
  • no, he'll not forget
  • yes, I'll remind him
We have this conversation twice a year - British Summer Time and Greenwich Mean Time!


Kelloggsville said...

I over slept and missed Church. Whoops - hope your husband remembered to go!

Working Mum said...

Kelloggsville - oops! Yes, he went. You only have to ask him to do something once, then leave him to do it in his own good time, he never forgets. It's the mithering that gets his goat!

Fab, feisty and fifty... said...

bloody heck!!!


saz x

ModernMom said...

LOL MILs are a great source of bloggy material:)

claire said...

Apologies to Andy, but can't you just shoot her or something?

The Dotterel said...

Ah... point taken.

(Mind you, there's great scope for a bit of skullduggery there, don't you think?)

Maggie May said...

Oh dear...... thats a lot of reassuring, isn't it?

I do love summer time though. Just as well it is only TWICE a year!

Nuts in May

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious, no wonder you and Andy gets fed up with the mithering.

Anonymous said...

Oh blimey. I bet you really look forward to that phone call...!

CJ xx

diney said...

We had friends round on Sat night and forgot about the hour change, didn't get into bed until 2 (that was 3..) and had to be up at 7 as going on a sponsored dog walk with youngest daughter who would never have forgiven us if we had missed it.... One year we will remember!

Working Mum said...

Claire - I need her for occasional babysitting since Craig left us for France!

The Dotterel - the thought never crossed my mind! ;)

Maggie May - That's what gets me. I don't mind doing things for her, but when we say we will she doesn't stop mithering until we do! I guess it's just the way some people are.

diney - rather you than me! At least I could wake up when I wanted on Sunday (daughter permitting!)

Polly said...

Im in hysterics!

A Modern Mother said...

How sweet, is that a neighbour or his mother? Hubby does our clocks too, must be a dad thing.

Anonymous said...

" Don't you just love British Summer Time?"

Not as I look out of my window at the pouring rain!

I do have sympathy with you over your MIL and agree with The Dotteral - it must be so tempting!

Muddling Along Mummy said...

That conversation would be enough to get me to join the campaign to stop the clock changes !

diney said...

Me again - thanks for the comment on my blog, it was lovely to hear from you, and thank for the compliment about maturity against competitive and scary!! Happy Easter!

Suburbia said...

Oh no!