Monday, 22 February 2010

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

It was back to school today for me with an INSET day on "Safeguarding Children" which has made me totally paranoid about putting pictures of daughter on my blog. Actually, it's made me paranoid about being anywhere near any children at all! Must get some perspective back!

Anyway, daughter is back tomorrow and looking forward to going back to school and seeing her friends. One in particular. Over the last few weeks she has been telling us about a boy in her class, let's call him Callum (not real name, obviously, safeguarding children). Firstly, she announced that she had fallen in love with Callum because he had drawn a picture of him and her holding hands. Awwwww.

Then she made him a card with hearts on it and wrote inside that she wanted them to get married. Awwwwww.

Then, he gave her a chocolate heart shaped lollipop for Valentine's Day.

"Hold on," I thought, "This is going a bit fast"

Then came the clincher:

Callum has told her that he will move his quad bike out of the stables so that she can have a horse.

Hang on!

Quad bike?


How wealthy is this child?

Perhaps I should encourage this match!


Heather said...

sounds like a perfect match to me!

Alcoholic Daze (ADDY) said...

As long as he can keep her in cupcakes and she has somewhere to house the rocking horse, I should say it is a match made in heaven!!

libby said...

Gosh....cupid has her in his sights already!! and you know what?...I don't care how much we all say that money does'nt matter..with regard to our daughters there is a tiny tiny part of our inner soul that wants them to 'marry well'...however feminist we are/think we are I suspect that there is a part of any woman that wants a man to 'provide' and provide well if he can......and me? well..married for love and will have to work until I'm 80.....

Maggie May said...

I wonder what he is like? Sounds too perfect up to now! Sure to be a terrible drawback somewhere!

Nuts in May

mater familias said...

Rather intrigued - I'll be grilling you in person soon!

BloggingMummy said...

Awwwww! You never know they might be made for each other!! Great Blog.

Tara Cain said...

Blimey. A catch! The only proposition like that I got at school was from a nervous teen who wanted to comfort me when my boyfriend dumped me.
I'm still with him 25 years later mind!

Kelloggsville said...

Could you maybe all just have a play on the quad bike and then decide whether it's worth pursuing!!!

(perspective is hard to find sometimes, there is a middle road in there somewhere - - I hope you find your happy medium - good luck)

the mother of this lot said...

I'll bet he's got a Jack Wills' hoodie!

kestrel said...

sounds pretty good to me. Love makes the world go round but a little bit of money helps make the trip more enjoyable. But, you may want to slow this a bit or they may both go riding into the sunset and you will be left all alone.

Fab, feisty and fifty... said...

l was on this course 2 weeks ago...interesting and heartbreakingly difficult by turn...

the world is going mad....and we all play our part, hopefully we are the good guys..such responsibility...

Emma said...

Gosh .. Has Callum got a little sister I can match Oli up with? :)

Working Mum said...

Heather - yes, stables for a horse mad girl, definitely!

Addy - I would imagine there is room for a rocking horse at Callum's mansion.

Libby - You are right, marry for love, but if he can also keep you in the manner you'd like to become accustomed, all the better!

Maggie - he's probably a United fan!

Mater Familias - can't you guess who it is? Sorry, it's not your son, but then, you'd know that, not having a quad bike or stables!

Blogging Mummy - I think he's changed his affections now, she came home from school today saying that he wants to marry someone else - fickle boy!

Tara - that made me laugh! Sounds like he chose his moment wisely!

Kelloggsville - hadn't thought of that, make use of the bike first. Thanks for that website; perspective is what is needed in this modern world.

Mother of This Lot - his father probably owns Jack Wills! I did once teach Ellis Brigham's granddaughters and the daughter of the owner of Henri Lloyd, so it's not out of the question.

Kestrel - I was hoping for a granny flat in the West Wing in my old age!

FFF - I know that we need to know how to safeguard children, but sometimes it seems we have to safeguard ourselves as well, half of yesterday's course was about not putting yourself in a vulnerable position. Enough to scare anyone off working with children! Perspective, perspective!

Emma - no, I think he's an only child, which means he will inherit everything, unless they disinherit him for marrying a lowly teacher's daughter!

Crystal Jigsaw said...

I think you should definitely encourage the match - from a distance perhaps for the next few years or so!!

CJ xx

Claire said...

I have to say all this stuff about keeping children safe is really getting on my nerves now. Did you know statistically your husband, then any uncles and then you are the most dangerous people to be around your child? It's stopping kids play and take risks and generally grow up to be rounded mature people.


Anyway, young love is beautiful and anyone who had stables and quad bikes has to encouraged!!!

1 husband, 2 kids (and lots of books) said...

I have to go on a version of the safeguarding course in a couple of weeks because I help out in Son's school once a fortnight for an afternoon! I totally support keeping kids safe, but like Claire worry that it might all be going a bit too far not to mention putting people off of helping in their kids school... it definitely made me think twice about the commitment