Monday, 15 February 2010

Half Term

Yes, it's half term. I thought it was never coming. What a busy half term it was. But now it's here and it's onto my half term job list:

  • set up new laptop
  • dispose of old desktop
  • read 547 posts in Google Reader (stop writing blog posts!)
  • finish sanding damn staircase
  • start varnishing damn staircase
  • restock wine racks (yes, racks, plural, and they are sadly depleted)
  • buy new suitcases for impending holiday
  • fill out API and ESTA forms on-line (apparently you can't just travel with tickets and a passport anymore)
  • buy dad's birthday present (what do you buy a 62 year old who has everything inlcuding spokeshaves?)
  • get hair cut
I've made a start!

Guess which job I accomplished today...........

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

................ hic!


auntiegwen said...

Remember how you ended up in hospital?

Take it easy superwoman


Felinedream said...

Holidays? Teacher holidays always seem to be spent cramming in the things that we don't have time to do when we're at work/planning/marking. Enjoy your half term and I hope you get some time for you.

Catharine Withenay said...

Sounds like you've been further depleting the wine racks so I have to guess... the hair?

Only joking! Though I wonder what that would look like after finishing off the vino?

Maggie May said...

Keep away from the wine racks until AFTER you've done everything else and then I think you will deserve them!

Nuts in May

Ladybird World Mother said...

!!! Priorities are good. x

scrappysue said...

i think you should make a new list, and here's the first thing on the new list:

1) - make shorter lists!