Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Accidental API?

Last night husband and I tried to fill in the ESTA and API forms to travel to Florida. It would appear that the US do not want tourists anymore because they are making it so damn difficult to get there!

Anyway, in readiness for the form filling we had gathered all the information required, which also necessitated a trip to Thomas Cook to try to find out the Zip Code for our Disney hotel.

"Oh, you don't need it", they said.

They were wrong.

We didn't need it for the ESTA application, but we did need it for the API (which, by the way, Thomas Cook had told us we wouldn't need to do, but then sent us a letter telling us we did) and the form is on the Thomas Cook website!

So husband and I sat at new laptop filling in the details until we got to Zip Code. Then an argument ensued.

"We don't need it" he said.

"Yes we do" I said

"Well, we didn't need it for the ESTA form" he said

"But we do need it for this"

"No, we don't. I'll put n/a"

"You can't put that!"

You get the gist.

In the end we had to start the form all over again and, in his haste to fill in our nationalities, husband slipped the mouse down from UK to the next country and 'accidentally' filled in my nationality as............


Of all the countries to choose!


the mother of this lot said...

Oh, I don't know....strong-willed, well organised, hates criticism...sounds like an Afghan rooster to me!

Heather said...

ha ha, of all the ones it could have landed on eh? The States really are making it hard to enter these days huh?

rosiero said...

Afghaistan!!!! Don't be suprised if landing in Florida you are put in leg-irons!!

Kelloggsville said...

oh no! Did it get submitted like that? I hope not.

Kelloggsville said...

ps: do they still ask if you've ever committed 'mass genocide'? "oh yes, never thought to mention it before but now you ask - I did do that back..." WTF ?! Who would ever answer yes? Do they think they might catch an ex-SS guard on the hop?!

Anonymous said...

Lol, sounds like something I would have done.

Working Mum said...

Kelloggsville- luckily, no, it wasn't submitted. We do fos together so that we spot the 'mistakes'. And yes, they still ask those daft questions. Apparently it's so they can prosecute you for lying if they can't get you for being a terrorrist!

Anonymous said...

I had to do the ESTA thing last year to visit the US and when I got to immigration the guy asked me, ' did you have a chance to register with ESTA before your trip?' I said I did, ( surely the point of doing it would be that it flags at immigration that it had been done?) Then he asked me to tell 'everyone' to do it. Billions spent on it and they're hoping to spread it by word of mouth?

Mummy Cow said...

Sorry you're feeling rough. We should put, 'get over lurgy' at the top of every holiday list!

A Modern Mother said...

Well have a great time in Florida, if they let you in that is.

Iota said...

Enjoy Florida!

And if you think it's hard getting a tourist visa, pity me, waiting for my green card...