Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Give me Five!

I've been tagged by A Confused Take That Fan to list my five highlights of 2009.

so here you are; if you wish to know more, click on the links:

Did you know I turned 40 in 2009?


Tara LeClaire... and family! said...

Just read through these postings you linked - It is such a dream for me to visit the UK and see the Tower of London and all the other sights! One day, I will cross the pond I tell you!

In continuation of our earlier conversation about the weather over there... this morning as I was driving to work, the Radio DJ (whose Mother is English) was telling us about a phone conversation he had had last night with his Uncle, who still resides in London. Needless to say, Uncle so and so was not happy about the situation over there and especially that there was no "grit", which I assume is the salt to prevent slipping. I thought of you immediately as he was talking. Hope you guys are soldiering through this unusual weather!

Also, my husband was in the Dominican Republic last week and met a lovely couple from Manchester. It made me think of you as well!

So there you have it!

- Tara

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

l do know that you turned 40 in 2009, l can only wish l did too, instead of 51 argghhh!!

i was sad to say bye to my 30's the best ad worst decade of my life...

is this a meme/tag thingy???shall nick it??

saz x

Kelloggsville said...

I'm still refering to it as 20x2!! You had a good year all round really didn't you :0)

Tawny said...

So is it true that life begins?

Pippa said...

I'm gonna guess that 1969 was a good year for babies and wine!

Working Mum said...

Tara - I hadn't been to London for years before this holiday (I usually prefer to go North!) so it was great for me, too!

FFF - feel free to pinch it; it is a tag, but I couldn't be bothered listing others to do it and everyone seems to be doing that favourite photo one anyway.

Kelloggsville - yes, on reflection, it was. It was easy to focus on the breathing problems I had at the start of the year that made me so depressed, but once I was well again I had a great year!

Tawny - it certainly seems so; I've had a ball since I turned 40!

Pippa - and for moon landings! Maybe that's why I always wanted to be an astronaut?