Thursday, 7 January 2010

Back to school?

My school has announced it is opening tomorrow.

The website says that parts of the site remain "very hazardous", "pupils must exercise extreme caution at all times", there is no parking for parents, limited parking for staff (on first come, first served basis) and they don't know if the school buses will be running.

Given our large catchment area, and the fact that the M60 is closed between my house and school, it will be interesting to see how many pupils I have to teach tomorrow, if I manage to get there at all and find somewhere to park!

Wish me luck!


Maggie May said...

Good Luck!
Our local schools are out. Everything seems very quiet.

I will get my son to show me how to get a Tesco delivery when he comes back from Japan.Thanks for suggestions.

Nuts in May

Tara LeClaire... and family! said...

Hee hee! I stumbled across your blog the other day and I must say, you are absolutely hilarious. I have put your blog on my list to catch up on everyday, it's great! I'm from Canada... and so I had to chuckle at your posting about the snow... we got walloped with 25cm of it around Christmas... do you think they will ever shut school down? NOPE. We pretty much have to get an apocolyptic amount for them to shut anything down. You'd think in Canada, we'd get lots of Snow Days... I wish!
Oh well - such is life! Thanks for the read!
- Tara

Mummy Cow said...

We went in today, late start and only KS4 and KS5 pupils in. Only 120 turned up (out of 400). Same again tomorrow, due to our hazardous site. Meanwhile, LE's school still closed and she's really fed up - she misses school! Safe journey tomorrow.
MC x

Kelloggsville said...

we've only have an inch of snow down all week but it's frozen solid and never melted - our temperatures are only down to -7 tonight. Yours were around -18 last night I hear. Hope you make the journey tomorrow. x

Jacki said...

Our schools are closed here, due to a little bit of snow, but bone chilling temperatures!

Be safe out there!

Catharine Withenay said...

We got away with just a single day's closure, but I suspect it will have been quiet for you today. Just one day back? A Friday? I think not!!

Naomi de la Torre said...

Hi! I just found your blog on another blogger's site and you are awesome! I'm loving your posts. We had a lot of schools canceled around here lately cuz of the cold weather. Hope all goes well!