Friday, 8 January 2010

And Here is the News

General News - I was quite anxious about driving to school today, especially since parking at school was going to be limited, so husband (who is still off work!) offered to drive daughter and I to school and collect us at the end of the day.

The roads weren't as bad as I had thought and we arrived at 7.40am to be greeted by the Headmaster who was making sure everyone arrived safely.

Amazingly almost all the pupils were in so I didn't have to change any of my lesson plans and boy, it felt good to be back in the classroom!

And even better, it's Friday, so it's now the weekend!

I could get used to these one day weeks!

The Good News - husband used his day off to get a stain removal company to come and remove the coffee stain on my new beige lounge carpet where he had knocked over an entire cup of coffee in his haste to continue playing on the Wii.

The Bad News - Tesco have just cancelled my delivery with only two hours notice (even though I've seen their delivery vans around our area) - boo!

PS Sat evening - in the spirit of fairness I have to say that Tesco have just e-mailed me a code for free dielivery on an order before 7 Feb to say sorry for cancelling my order.


Ladybird World Mother said...

Grrr about the tesco delivery... how maddening! Will it come tomorrow, I wonder... glad you had a nice day in the classroom... I got in too and it was lovely to have just a day and then the WEEKEND!! Have a good one. xx

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Hope you've managed to find provisions !

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

keeping calm are we...axe taen out from hubbys head already..gosh you are forgiving!!!

no tesco you gotta go get it....WTF!!

scaryazeri said...

You have not divorced him for that?????!!!!!

I guess he has now redeemed himself.
Hope you had a good xmas!

Kelloggsville said...

Sainsburys cancelled on me on Wednesday but delivered Thursday having told me they had cancelled the people who were expecting delivers on Thursday so maybe the Tesco vans you saw today were the Thursday people getting their shopping on Friday - apparently it all makes perfect sense to the supermarkets!!!!

Mummy Cow said...

A trip to Iceland AND a coffee stain on your carpet?! A lift to school and organising the cleaning should only be the start!
More snow headed this way (and yours) on Sunday. Another snow day? My Year 13s are not happy!
(Although I'm loving this slow start to the term...)

kestrel said...

One day week, I would love that for the rest of my working days. I wish Tesco will deliver here, there is no deliver services. But maybe in the future...

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

We had to buy a set of winter tyres as it is the law here that you have them on your car from Nov to April - and my goodness me do they make a difference. Now I'm just wondering how to get them back to the UK when we come back as it sounds as if we'll need them. Hope you get some food in soon. Love from a not very snowy Bosnia.

Working Mum said...

Ladybird World Mother - no, it won't come on Saturday, they just cancelled - double grrrr!

Muddling Along Mummy - luckily I have a freezer full of food, so we won't starve

FFF - not quite forgiven; I have killed two birds with one stone by sending husband to Tesco this morning to do shopping - he he he!

Scary Azeri - nearly redeemed himself, he still has to make up for smashing a Royal Doulton bowl on Christmas Day!

Kelloggsville - yeah, that makes sense. What I don't understand is why they were still taking bookings on Thursday, but then cancelled them on Friday - why not just stop or limit the bookings?

Mummy Cow - I'll keep thinking of jobs for him! I hope the snow doesn't stop us going back on Monday because I've got sixth formers doing public exams next week and they want help. At least they all know my school e-mail address (which I can access from home) so I can help them if they contact me that way. And at least the Headmaster has now put systems in place so that the website can be updated at 6.30am if school is closed.

Kestrel - I'm surprised you don't have Tesco deliveries, I thought they'd taken over the world!

Brit in Bosnia - snow tyres would be quite useful ('View from the High Peak' uses them ever winter and she's not far from where I live) so see if you can bring them back with you - I expect garages are sold out here!

A Modern Mother said...

Glad you made it in ... our school is still closed!

Working Mum said...

A Modern Mother - I think opening a school depends on safety. I know our ground staff have worked like demons to clear paths around our large site and make sure that it is safe for 1500 people so move around every hour. I expect that in this litigious age, if a child slips and injurs themselves, the parents would sue the school, so I don't blame schools being cautious about opening.

cheshire wife said...

I did think about getting the supermarket shop delivered this week but if they are going to let me down at short notice I'll continue doing it myself, even if it does mean risking life amd limb in their car park.