Friday, 4 December 2009

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time?

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I love Christmas. Well, I love all the build up: the Carols, the lights, the sparkle, making my Christmas cake, singing in concerts. I love all the things that winter festivals were invented for, to give you a boost during the cold, dark winter.

However, I don't love all the extra work it involves when I'm so busy at work and I don't love the guilt of what to do on the big day itself.

You see, my MIL spends one Christmas with her son, one with her daughter, year in, year out, probably until she dies. This restricts us every other year. I have managed to get her to come to our house in the past few years rather than go to hers and that has opened up the opportunity to invite my family as well, but it does mean we have to be at home every other year.

This year we are having MIL so I asked my mum and dad if they wanted to come to us.

Oh, the problems!

My brother has invited my mum and dad and was going to invite us, but we have MIL. Now my mum feels she has to choose between us. You get the jist.

Anyway, my brother and I are pretty easy going and don't mind what happens as long as we all see each other at some point, but my mum loves the big day.

She's now decided that they'll come to us on Christmas Eve and stay overnight so that they can see granddaughter open her presents, then they'll go to my brother's for Christmas dinner, after that they'll go home overnight and come back to us on Boxing Day. We'll have my brother and his wife round on Boxing Day or another day (they've yet to decide) and we'll all go to mum and dad's on New Year's Day.


Why does it have to be so difficult?


Suburbia said...

Just about sums up Christmas!! Good luck, sounds like you'll be busy!

Kelloggsville said...

sounds very organised to me - you know what's going to happen so you can plan around it. My family haven't made up there mind yet. they may be coming to stay, they may not but we can't make any other plans until they let us know for sure. Nightmare!!! I just order enough food just in case and then if they don't come spend a lot of time cooking up and freezing meals!!

Jen said...

We have similar issues, compounded by me living 350 miles away from my parents.

That means this year my parents will have my brothers, their wives and my nephew at Christmas, and I will have my MIL, FIL, SIL and her fiancé plus of course hubby and our 2 kids.

But my mum has come up with a brilliant idea that might work for your family too. When she was 60, we went to a country club hotel outside Bradford because it was a good halfway point between Central Scotland and Central England. We gathered mum, dad, their 3 kids, their spouses, their kids plus my aunt and uncle and had a fantastic weekend, including a dinner in a private dining room on the Saturday night with everyone except the littlest grandson (we booked a babysitter for him while we were downstairs, not that he stirred!). No-one felt divided because they were with this side of the family like you do at Christmas.

So she wants to do something like that again once every year or two. I'm all for it, it was great to be with all my family without feeling guilty that my husband/sisters in law were away from their families.

Michelloui said...

Ok, I just got tense shoulders reading this. I hope you have someone giving you regular shoulder rubs throughout the holidays!! Actually, what I was thinking as I finished reading was that sometimes there's a real benefit to living thousands of miles away from at least half my family at Christmas--simplifies things. Well, thats the positive angle anyway ;) Good luck, sounds like your chilled attitude combined with your clear organisational skills will get you through the next month!

Working Mum said...

Suburbia - add in a concert on the 23rd and two on the 24th and yes, I'll be very busy!

Kelloggsville - I couldn't cope without some decisions being made; you must be very laidback to cater in case they come!

Jen - that hotel thing sounds a lovely idea; might be something to consider when daughter is a little older and can stay up later in the evening.

Michelloui - Really, I am glad my family live nearby and it's only about 30 miles between me and my brother so it's not too bad for mum and dad to travel and MIL only lives over the brook in front of our house so she can pop round easily. I guess it will all work out in the end!

rosiero said...

Relatives! Who'd have 'em?!

Really Rachel said...

You can't please everyone, can you?! I hope you can manage to relax and enjoy the day when it arrives.