Tuesday, 22 December 2009

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas

This post is especially for my friends far away who read my blog (you know who you are!):

Daughter announced today that we don't have to dream of a White Christmas because we've got one!

It's a long time since we've had a White Christmas and we are loving it!!

There are snowballs to be thrown:

Mini snowmen to be made:

(Look in front of her right welly)

And, of course, a proper snowman to be made:




Nicol said...

Love it! I'm still hoping for a white Christmas. We received snow earlier in the month, but it's about melted.

family affairs said...

AAAH she looks like she's having so much fun Lx

scrappysue said...

too much fun! snow everywhere - except here!!!

scrappysue said...

snow everywhere - except here!
looks lke fun

Felinedream said...

We finally got some snow today...about 3/4 inches in a couple of hours. Still, we're in Scotland so life kept going as per usual. I hope it's still there in the morning so that I can make snowmen with the children.

rosiero said...

She looks as if she is having a great time. Snow makes Christmas all the more magic.

Craig McGinty said...

WOW Great Snowy Photos :-)

Here's to a hearty Happy Christmas from this side of the water.

And a dash of French show:


Speak soon,

Claire said...

Thank you for the lovely post!

Seeing snow is a very distant memory!

Meanwhile here we have had Christmas Day at 36c and today, Boxing Day is on for 33c. Beach yesterday was good although my elf hat was rather hot!!!

Have a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful New Year x

Polly said...

Lovely, one day i may get a white christmas, we got a wet one this year which is about as close as we will ever get.