Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I don't believe it!

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I have a cold. I am gutted. I have tried so hard this term to avoid illness. I have washed my hands after marking every set of books, I have used the hand sanitisers that are liberally sprinkled around school and I have eaten more fruit and veg than ever. And still I have caught a cold. Damn that cold virus!

Yesterday, as I was sneezing and snivelling through my lessons armed with a box of tissues, I decided that I was not going to soldier on as usual. The decision was confirmed when one 12 year old boy offered me one of his Olbas Oil infused tissues and one of my sixth formers told me to use some Vaseline to sooth my sore, red nose!

So I arranged for someone to take my form's register this morning, I sorted out appropriate and useful work for each of my classes today and told my Head of Department that I would not be in. It felt very odd to make a rational decision to stay off work instead of crying in the bathroom at 6.30am thinking "I can't do it".

I am so desperate not to be ill for the next six months (which is usually what happens). I am hoping that this decision will be for the better in the long run so that I am more able to bounce enthusiastically round the classroom inspiring young minds. I think I made the right decision because I lay shivering in bed this morning as my cold developed and definitely couldn't have taught 100 teenagers today. Not only that, I've just switched on the laptop to e-mail school to say I won't be in tomorrow either as I know from past experience that going back too soon means I don't recover until March.

Plus, I am doing something this weekend that I have been looking forward to since August and I do not want to miss it!


Suburbia said...

Hope you have a swift recovery, you are doing all the right things. Hope it doesn't spoil your weekend.

Catharine Withenay said...

Olbas oil? Vaseline?
Unsubtle hints!

Get well soon! I'm sure you're doing the right thing to take a rest.

rosiero said...

Poor you. Get well soon. Languish in bed with a hot toddy and pull the covers over your head!!

Mummy Cow said...

Good for you!!! A massive step forward! Hope you recover quickly. (Take Friday off as well).
MC xx

Really Rachel said...

Yes. You have definitely made the right decision. You must rest! And I agree with Mummy Cow: we INSIST that you do not work on Friday.
Get well soon :o)

Maternal Tales said...

Oh you poor thing. I don't think any of us are escaping the cold this year...we've all been knocked for six as well. But well done for making the right decision - try now to get some rest! Big hugs x

Kelloggsville said...

I'll join the "no work Friday" Collective but I'm also very excited about Monday's blog - dying to know what is happening this weekend! enjoy x

Claire said...

And about time too!!!! :-)

Mummy Cow said...

It's now Thursday evening - I hope you have emailed your work in for tomorrow and followed our instructions!!
MC xx

Working Mum said...

Mummy Cow - I am proud to say, yes, I have e-mailed to say I'm not going in on Friday as well. Cold has moved to my chest and I'm starting with breathing difficulties so I'm not going to try and teach tomorrow.

Princess Mummy said...

Aw! hope you feel better soon WM. I know how lousy a cold can be!!! Take to your bed til you feel better.

Maggie May said...

Theres a lot going round at school. I finished until further notice today and felt very tearful.
I have to avoid colds from now on and the more I get into the chemo the more vulnerable i shall become.
Had swine flu jab a couple of days ago & it has made me feel quite ill.

Hope you feel better soon.

Nuts in May

Mummy Cow said...

Good! That you're not working - not that you're even more poorly. When does term end? Not really worth going on for a few end of term days is it?
Wrap up warm. Hope this doesn't spoil your weekend.
MC x