Sunday, 6 December 2009

Easy like Sunday morning

Have you, like me, abandoned the Sunday papers in favour of the Sunday blogs? You know, those bloggers who write interesting posts that require a bit more than a couple of minutes to read?

Well, having received this award:

from Modern Mom at How to Survive Life in the Suburbs, I have decided to pass it on to those who constitute my Sunday morning reading:

No rules attached, just enjoy!

I've also received another one of these:

from Muddling Along Mummy. I should tell you seven things about myself, but I did that recently, and I should pass it along to four other blogs, but I'm being lazy and saying first four commentors can take it.


The wife of bold said...

I'm still a lover of the Sunday papers but thanks for the tips i havent read any of those blogs before so i'll be popping on over to have a look. Congrats on your awards :) x x x

Maggie May said...

Many thanks, WM.
Glad that I am competing with the Sunday papers!
Just got back from church so that was a really lovely surprise. Whenever I return home..... I always go straight to my blog. Its like a little pet..... I have to give it immediate attention after leaving it! LOL!

Nuts in May

Kelloggsville said...

Sunday morning papers??? que? I thought they stopped being published the day my daughter was born?!!!!!!!!!!

Princess Mummy said...

Ive been reading your blog (along with one other) for a few weeks and finally tried one of my own. If you fancy it, mosey on over and see what you think?
thanks for the laughs

rosiero said...

Thank you so much for the award. (Curtsies - or should that be curtseys - and stumbles off the stage!)

Tawny said...

I am having a tuesday morning blog read, I cannot get motivated at all to do any work!

Chellebab said...

Hi, I have a Best Blog award for you on my blog. I hope you would like to accept it but quite understand if you prefer not to participate. Best wishes, Michelle