Thursday, 17 December 2009

Digital Dementia

Well, here in Granadaland we went fully digital with the final switchover on 2 December.

You may recall that we sorted out my MIL last year with a new TV and a digital recorder so that she would be fine once the switchover came (see this post).

I've popped over to her house in the last few weeks doing the necessary retunes and then the fateful day came. I retuned her TV and recorder and voila - sorted!

I was too smug.

Two days later she called to say ITV wasn't recording properly.

I went round (husband has no patience with his own mum), tried a few things and decided it was the recorder. One day out of warranty, but fabulous Tesco (TGFT) said they would replace or refund. None of their new recorders were suitable (easy to use) for my MIL so I took the refund.

I then bought her a new one (at a grossly inflated, post switchover price) and tried that.

Fine for five minutes then pixelation galore. Then nothing worked. Not ITV, not BBC, nothing. I took it back and got a replacement. Tried the replacement at our house, it worked fine, took it to her house, nothing.

I have spent the last three days going forward and backwards between her house and mine trying various TVs and recorders and slowly eliminating possibilities until the only thing left is that it is her aerial.

A quick call to our aerial man and he popped round.

Nothing wrong with her aerial.

However, the aerial man said he has been rushed off his feet with calls to houses who can't get ITV or who have "poor signal" messages. He said it's been a nightmare.

We still haven't sorted out MILs problems, but it looks like it's not anything to do with her equipment. It's post switchover mayhem.

Who decided to switch off analogue TV three weeks before Christmas?


Muddling Along Mummy said...

She sounds a bit like my MIL - sort of a poltergeist when it comes to technology. Her digital box has also recently decided to go nuts ... One of Mr's jobs at Christmas is to sort it all out

Hope you get things sorted out

Maggie May said...

Oh dear....... that'll be us on 24th March!
Hope your MIL gets her TV sorted for Christmas.
It seemed a bit silly to do this right on Christmas.

Nuts in May

Kelloggsville said...

best get it sorted quickly or you could have house guests!!! Good luck x

Suburbia said...

Hadn't thought of it before but a really stupid time to change, poor things, TV's only any good at Christmas!

Catharine Withenay said...

Digital dementia in our house: The other day my father said he didn't want to move to be near my sister because she doesn't have digital TV.

That would be fine, but neither does he! Just freeview, which could transfer quite simply.

Hope your MIL is sorted out soon.