Monday, 28 December 2009

The Casualty of Christmas

The goose was cooked.

The crackers were pulled.

The mother in law complained about the dinner (yes, really!)

We ate too much and drank too much.

And we watched Dr Who.

A traditional Christmas, then!

Yes, we survived another Christmas Day in the Working Mum household.

Daughter woke at a reasonable hour and loved the pretend pony we bought her.

Husband received enough Wii games to keep him occupied until Summer.

I got lots of cupcake related presents plus a massive box of all my favourite Thornton's chocolates, which will keep me going until, oooo, 3rd Jan!

And the casualty?

One of my beautiful Royal Doulton dessert bowls was smashed during the washing up.

Unfortunately the pattern is discontinued.

But do not fret.........

... I know what to do in these situations .......

..... Ebay here I come!


Suburbia said...

Glad it was good, shame about MILs!

hullaballoo said...

Ooooh we watched Dr Who too! Sorry to hear about your dessert bowl. I can't believe M-i-l complained about the dinner. Oh dear! I hope your concerts went well.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

you can always find another..there are special china shops too

Kelloggsville said...

my internal voice yelled "EBAY" before I got to the end of your post!!! Good luck x

PS MIL merely met her usual marker - if she excelled at MILiness she would surprise you - so she's only a mediocre MIL - maybe you should mention it to her?!!! Maybe not ;0)

mater familias said...

What exactly did your mother-in-law find to complain about? It wasn't your lack of organisation, by any chance, was it?!

Working Mum said...

Suburbia- at least we only have her every other year

Hullaballoo - concerts went very well. Husband and daughter came to Christmas Eve one which was nice.

FFF - china finding services very expensive; eBay much more reasonable - won't take long to get another

Kelloggsville - think you are right about MIL, I just ignored her

Mater Familias - it was the fact we had goose, not turkey. I should charge her for the £7 worth she ate!
Hope your Christmas went well .

The Dotterel said...

Good luck on eBay WM! (Wonder if they do replacement oven doors?)

Stephanie said...

There is always a casualty, isn't there. Mine was a commemorative wineglass from a Slow Food event in San Francisco. :( Oh they say in the movie CLUELESS, "a sacrifice to the party gods".
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