Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Calm down, calm down

Have calmed down a bit since husband bought flowers and admitted he'd got it wrong. It would have been a lot worse if he'd continued to insist he hadn't done anything wrong! We are now not mentioning Iceland.

So we set off today to pay for the Disney holiday that we should all be going on. In Thomas Cook daughter saw a poster of a girl pony riding on a beach and asked where it was.

"Wales" came the reply.

"Aw, can we go to Wales on holiday instead?" she whined.

"No, darling. Unfortunately we are taking you to Disneyworld, Florida"

You don't really expect to say that sentence, do you?


BNM said...

Let her come to Wales but warn her it rains here as much as it probaly does with you! And we have less snow!!

Working Mum said...

BNM - sadly, it was a very wet week in Wales that prompted us to go abroad! We will return one day. Bore da!

auntiegwen said...

After a 3 week trip to Florida my 5 year old daughter was asked to write what they'd done in the holidays type thing. She wrote about visiting my sister in Glasgow and making a tent out of a sheet and a chair. I won't tell you how many thousand pounds that holiday cost us, actually I will it was £9,000 and it was in 2001.

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

its like the old story of the children playing in the big cardboard box for hours, that the tele came in rather than all the presents....hey ho!

Anonymous said...

I took my 2 to away on a sunny adventure filled holiday to Cyprus. When asked what was their favourite bit of the holiday they wholeheartedly agreed it was the bus ride from the car park to the airport. Sometimes there is no winning!

Kelloggsville said...

ROFL : just typical, bless her cotton socks!

Glad y'all made up too! Flowers - hmmm - think your hubby should have a chat with mine!!!!

Have a very Happy new Year


Jen said...

Glad your marriage survived the Iceland incident, have fun at Disneyworld

Working Mum said...

AG - I remember you told me that before, was at the back of my mind as I broke the news to her that she's going to Florida

FFF - I know, I think we're going for me and hubby really!

Anonymous - Hello! Nice to have a positive anonymous comment for a change!

Kelloggsville - even if the husband doesn't believe in the flowers thing, it works, so it's worth learning!

Jen - would take a lot more than that to wreck this marriage - he bought me an eternity ring and I'm holding him to it!! ;)