Saturday, 19 December 2009

Strictly Working Mum

As you may or may not know, daughter and I are "Strictly Come Dancing" fans.

Husband, however, is not.

Tonight is the final and he is so glad it has finally come.

Here's our schedule:

On Saturday I watch the show whilst recording it.

On Sunday, daughter and I watch the recording while I do the ironing.

Every Monday to Friday at 6.30pm daughter and I watch "Strictly It Takes Two" in PJs drinking milk (that's daughter in PJs drinking milk, not me)

We like to discuss the dancers, the music, the dresses, the hair dos, the judges comments, etc

Then we like to do our own dancing round the lounge.

Meez 3D avatar avatars games

And yes, we give each other scores out of 10.

Too much?


Crystal Jigsaw said...

Are you pleased about who won!!

CJ xx

p.s. I am

Working Mum said...

CJ - Yes, I am. I found Chris's dancing much more enjoyable to watch and I thought he developed into a very good dancer. You could see it was close from the judges' scores; each couple won two dances, so it wasn't like Chris won just on personality.