Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Seven things you didn't know about me

I have received this lovely award from Rosiero at Alcoholic Daze and Fat, Frumpy and Fifty:

If you haven't read Rosiero's blog, go along and give her your support. The lady is a saint.

Anyway, along with the award I have to tell you seven things about myself. Some of these I have done before, but some readers may not know:
  1. I have sung with Pavarotti and Jose Carreras (my claims to fame and I'm hanging on to them)
  2. At school I learned the art of campanology (church bell ringing)
  3. At university I danced in the university ballroom dancing team - kept this quiet for a long time, but now it's fashionable thanks to 'Strictly Come Dancing'
  4. I can touch type - much to the annoyance of my two fingered colleagues!
  5. In times of stress I hide chocolate under my bed- that last time was a bar of Ritter Sport when the electrics went haywire
  6. I still suffer from travel sickness - at my age!
  7. I like my books arranged in height order (husband says I have a touch of OCD!):
(Yes, that's really my bookcase)

Now I shall nominate seven other blogs to receive the award and tell us how weird they are:

A working mother's chatter
and 1 more means four
Diary of a Surprise Mum
Ladybird World Mother
Ramblings of a Moo Cow
Scary Azeri in Suburbs
The Wife of Bold

Looking forward to hearing their seven things and feeling that I am not alone in my weirdness!


rosiescribble said...

Fear not! My books are in alphabetical order too, but there is no chocolate under my bed!

Maggie May said...

That was an interesting group of seven. Wish I could touch type!
I share the chocolate desire during stressful times.
I sometimes arrange books by colour but not by height! never come across that before.

Nuts in May

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

great!! just great!! Pavarotti, I Adore him...and when stressed or unhappy, or even happy I play TI ADORO full blast!! LUCKY you. I am so impressed!

ANd my books LOL...I have some of them to type, like penguins/ vinatge/ persephone all by publisher. in the conservatory/sun lounge, because of the sun fading them I only have white and pale book covers out there..OCD or what!! Maybe just anal!

Mummy Cow said...

Thank you WM. Will respond soon.
MC x

cheshire wife said...

We all have our foibles!

Ladybird World Mother said...

Oh, how lovely!! Thank you so much... now have to think of 7 weird and wonderful things about self.... Um. Er.
Thrilled with award... THANK YOU!

Amy said...

thank you for the award hun!! i am so behind with awards i think a gigantic post will be unfolding soon when i've got some time off work. I love your facts, pavarotti!!! that is amazing!!! xx

scaryazeri said...

Thank you for this award.
and for the interesting facts about yourself!

Tawny said...

What brilliant facts, my mum would be very jealous that you have sung with Pavarotti, she loved him

gigi said...

You are so cute and so talented! I love that about you.
Have a fun weekend!

Polly said...

oh why thankyou - now to come up with some wierd and wonderful facts!!