Sunday, 22 November 2009

Pooly. Ill. Sick.

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Yes, I'm poorly, ill, sick. I've caught the sickness bug daughter had last week. Except mine came accompanied by the other thing, if you know what I mean. I spent all Friday night and Saturday morning in the bathroom, I still have stomach ache and I'm not quite able to stand upright without feeling dizzy.

Luckily, husband took daughter to work with him on Saturday morning so I did get some peace. He said she was very helpful, entertained everyone there and was filled with sweets, chocolate, cake and fizzy drinks by them! Nice.

Unfortunately, I missed an African Music Workshop that I was due to go on with the choir on Saturday afternoon. And I was so looking forward to taking out all my current stress on an African drum!

So now I've got a pile of exams waiting to be marked in my briefcase, a pile of ironing waiting to be done in the dining room, 442 posts to be read in my Google Reader (I'm sorry, I won't get round to reading them all) and I haven't even thought about sanding down the staircase which was what I had planned while husband took daughter swimming this morning.

Daughter has amassed four lots of homework to do this afternoon (how did that happen?) and I have to take her to a party and I'm so not in the mood for socialising with other mums. Just want to curl up in ball under the duvet.

When husband asked me if I wanted anything this morning I just said:

"I want my mojo back!"


Pippa said...

Can you ask the Mum of the party your little one is going to if she would mind terribly if you didn't stay? I did that when Top Ender went to a party and I was feeling very poorly!

You could always say you don't want to infect others!

Working Mum said...

Pippa - that's a good idea. Although the party is miles away in the middle of nowhere so I'd probably have to sit in my car like a leper! But if I took a book and a flask of Ribena, I'd be happy!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

lol ask him where mine is please¬
am in bed...cant sleep, cant eat, cant read...need some comfort biscuits bad!!!

Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

btw congratulations on your mention in top 10 mummy bloggers!!! sweet!!!

Maggie May said...

I am off sick too for another week. Feel a fraud really but had to get over the shock.Treatment will be starting a a couple of weeks so I will be blimmen ill for Christmas.

442 post on blogger is a bit daunting.

Nuts in May

kestrel said...

like the cartoon showing how you feel with the swooning mum. Hope the bug leaves and you get your mojo back.

Kelloggsville said...

Do Not, I repeat DO NOT think about sanding the staircase down!! I think it's time to work out how you can off load some for a few weeks to help you find your mojo - can you send the ironing out? stick christmas cards and decorate the stair case using anything you like knowing it will be sanded down in the new year anyway and hit delete on the reader as ease the guilt of it.

Sending you a bloggy hug and some virtual mojo xxxx

Working Mum said...

FFF - sounds like you are worse than me! Hope your mojo returns soon. PS No idea how I ended up in that top ten and had no idea it was in the Times Online blog this week either until I started surfing today. I just write stuff about life as a Working Mum!

Maggie May - your illness makes my bug look insignificant. DO NOT feel guilty about being off work, no one ever thanks you for going in when you are not 100%. Keep blogging during treatment, my aunt said it was the everyday contact with people that kept her going through chemo and she's now fully recovered.

Kestrel - it's funny, I've used that cartoon many times since blogging, guess I'm just prone to illness.

Kelloggsville - don't worry, I can't even look at the electric sander. The carpet fitter (who can only come after the staircase is finished) said he can wait until I'm ready to fit the carpet, so it may be the New Year, I was just hoping it would be done by Christmas. Ironing will be done on a need to wear basis and I've hit "mark as read" on most of the blog posts (although I do feel like I'm missing out on the goss!)

Working Mum said...

Pippa - latest news! Husband has just taken daughter to party and agreed to be sociable with other mums! Thank goodness for hubby!

Mummy Cow said...

Do not, under any circumstances, got to work on Monday. Use the day to recover, search for you mojo and catch up on some marking.
That's an order!!
MC x

Working Mum said...

Mummy Cow - sorry, two more classes doing exams tomorrow, so I have to go in or I'll be even further behind tomorrow. You know what it's like - easier to go in than be off. Also, reports due by 1st dec so all leave cancelled until then!

emmie said...

i really feel for you those kinds of bugs are nasty ane really take it out of you hope you have a speedy recovery x

A Modern Mother said...

So sorry to hear. Hope you are feeling better soon!

cheshire wife said...

How can sick leave be cancelled? If you are ill, you are ill. I thought that with D/V bugs that you had to stay off for 48 hours after last bout of vomiting.

Hope that you will soon be feeling better.

BNM said...

Hope your feeling better.
There's an award for you over at mine to cheer you up

Working Mum said...

BNM - thank you, will pop over in a minute.

Cheshire Wife - just a figure of speech, basically, this is the one week of the year that no teacher at our school can afford to be ill - so many exams and reports and so little time.........