Sunday, 1 November 2009

My blog's "Working Mum on the Verge" and it's been hit!

Anyone know anything about this character?

(Click on the picture to find out more)


Maggie May said...

Well who cares what he thinks?
Don't believe it anyway cos we are all interested otherwise we wouldn't keep coming back to you.

If he doesn't like the blog then why does he waste time reading it and giving comments? It is a waste of his time, I should have thought.
People need building up not putting down.

Nuts in May

Expat mum said...

Big publicity stunt if you ask me. He probably has a book he's trying to get published, but as he says, it isn't published because it's crap. And if he hates parent-type blogs so much why's he looking at yours? Bit creepy.

Sass E-mum said...

As someone said - this is a troll in blog form.

Anyhoo - thought I'd comment here, rather than add to his (is it a him??) blog.

Suburbia said...

Guess we'll all get a visit eventually!

(I'm with Maggie)

scaryazeri said...

That is quite funny actually. thanks for this! Loved your comment on his blog too.

Mummy Cow said...

Your comment on his blog was inspired. Well done to WM (who happens to write one of the best blogs I read).
MC x

Reluctant Housewife said...

How offensive. Who asked him?

What is this even? (goes and checks)

He's pretty cocky for someone who seems to only be able to produce two posts/month.

Your blog is not crap. I have spoken. :)

scrappysue said...

never heard of him, but went to his blog,. he's just a depressing lonely sad arse without nothing better to do than poor scorn on people he doens't know. what a loser