Sunday, 8 November 2009

Half Term is over, the nights are drawing in

It's the end of another half term holiday and, despite having two weeks off this year instead of the usual one, it has flown by. Think it might have something to do with what I packed in:

  • I have sanded, primed, undercoated, painted and emulsioned the hall, stairs and landing.
  • The joiner has replaced all the interior doors and the staircase with spindles which I have started to paint and varnish.
  • I cleaned the house from top to bottom twice because of the above two points.
  • We had a family fun day in Blackpool.
  • We cleared the garden for winter.
  • Daughter had three playdates and went out trick or treating for the first time.
  • I took her to the cinema to see "Night at the Museum 2" (it was the Odeon Kids movie; £2.45 for her and I go free, that made the decision for me).
  • I went to hospital for my follow up appointment after my little visit last month; I'm going to be hooked up to a 24 hour ecg monitor - should be fun.
  • I retuned four TVs and two digital recorders (ours and MILs) following the second stage of the changeover to digital.
  • I had my car MOTed and serviced.
  • I wrote this year's Entrance Exam for school.
And now for the best bit:

In true, Working Mum style, I have got ahead:

I have made my Christmas Cake, plus one for the Church Christmas Fair.

I've made and frozen 30 christmas cupcakes ready to ice for the school Christmas Fair.

And ...........

I've bought and written all my Christmas Cards!

Smug feeling spreading over me now:

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Won't last long, I'm back at work tomorrow - chaos will ensue.


gigi said...

Dang, I'm tired just reading this! I need you to come and organize my life like that. I would give anything to be so organized, maybe even a plane ticket :}
Good job and you have every reason to be smug.

Kelloggsville said...

good job !

rosiescribble said...

Blimey, that's an exhausting list. I'd have been tempted to relax and put up my feet up myself, although haveing said that, it's better to be busy. When we watched Up at the cinema in half-term it cost me £19 at the Odeon! You did well.

scaryazeri said...


Do you keep this blog to make the rest of us feel inadequate? :)

And I bet you paid all the necessary attention to your husband during all these jobs/tasks! :)

Working Mum said...

Gigi-your life is so full, you don't need me!

Rosie Scribble- I recommend the Odeon Kids movies. Every sat and sun and you only pay for the kids (and only £2.45). As long as you don't want to watch the latest releases it's great.

Scary- I have to get everything done in the hols that I can't do in term time; it's a strange way to live. And yes, hubby's dinner was on the table every night when he got home. Come to think of it, he always has his dinner on the table when he gets home!

Mummy Cow said...

Relaxing time then!
I've cheated this year (again). I bought a rich fruit cake from Sainsbury's (£3.99) and have been injecting it with brandy. Nearer Christmas Jen and I will marzipan and ice it and everyone will be SO impressed (as long as I remember to remove the packaging...).

Hope your ecg monitoring goes ok
MC x

Claire said...

Another exhausting holiday for you!

Now slow down, don't want a repeat of last year's lead up to Christmas when you were ill do you?!

Suburbia said...

Gosh, good for you. I am starting to think about writing cards!!! ;)

Brighton Mum-Teenage Angst said...

Good grief! thats a big list of things accomplished. Well done you. You have every right to feel smug.
When are you free to come & finish my 4 storey hallway/stairs, 5 landings plus 12 doors? Eeekk!! I can't even think about it without a lie down.

scrappysue said...

stay smart - you oughta feel proud! 2 pounds forty five for a movie? even if it was ben stiller in it? cool! hope the 24 hook up goes ok

Polly said...

Thats way too much to accomplish, no wonder you are feeling slightly smug!!