Wednesday, 25 November 2009

For want of a nail.........

In amongst all the frustration and strain associated with the new IT systems at work at the moment, last week I found that my workstation's usb port was broken. I desperately needed to save the school entrance exam onto a memory stick to take home to work on it (it was too large to e-mail as an attachment). I sent a helpdesk message to ask for it to be fixed.

The IT Support boys, let's call them John and Edward, turned up, mumbled a bit and said, "We'll change your station" and they proceded to swap mine with another colleague's. (Yes, really!) I left them while I went to teach.

Guess what?

The usb port on that one was also broken. I sent Jedward a message.

Jedward came back, tutted and hummed and then said, "We'll order you an external usb"

The next day they fitted an external usb.

Guess what?

My mouse had stopped working. I sent Jedward a message.

Jedward came back, tutted and hummed and then said, "We'll reinstall it and reboot". I left them while I went to teach.

Guess what?

My mouse worked, but the computer wouldn't reboot. It just got stuck. I sent Jedward a message.

Jedward came back, tutted and hummed and then said, "We'll get you a new station"

This morning I went into the office, and there was my new station.

Minus the post-it notes I had stuck to my old one reminding me of the things I need to remember!

Guess what?

I can't remember what was on them - that's why I wrote them!!!

(I have to laugh at the moment or I would cry)


Heather said...

can almost hear it that slightly too high pitched, almost hysterical laughter. i can't believe they took your post-it notes!

Muddling Along Mummy said...

Oh my ! I have a similar thing with post its

Kelloggsville said...

did the notes say :

1) get usb fixed (tick)
2) get mouse fixed (tick0
3) get station fixed (tick)
4) seek out jedward and give them rather a lot of "I must not throw away teacher's post it notes" lines (go on, you know you want to!)

Peak Princess said...

brilliant post and congrats on the top 10 mum blogger award! (perhaps the post it theft was Jedward's 21st century techie geek revenge!)

Working Mum said...

Heather - I swear, you've got the laughter just right!

Peak Princess - not sure Jedward would be that calculating, they just took the computer away!

Kelloggsville - I know there was something about report writing deadlines........... ah well, not important then!

Muddling along Mummy - couldn't live my life without post-its!

rosiescribble said...

That is funny. I have been known to stick post-its on post-its to remind of of the post-it underneath. Tis true.
Jedward? Is that what the twins are up to?

Mummy Cow said...

Schools! They'd never survive in the market place...
Thanks for your oomment on my blog. Almost a relief to know that other schools are just as bad. Things just seem to conspire to make our lives and jobs more difficult!
How many weeks until we break up?

Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

I love post it notes.

I also love the blackboard in my kitchen. right up to the point my little angels rub everything out (as they were helping me tidy).GGAARRRHHHHHH!

I also married a tecchy. This is very helpful for keeping my computer under control!

rosiero said...

O for the days when everything was done with a bit of paper and a writing implement!! I swear it took less time than the kerfuffle with computers that refuse to work!

Working Mum said...

Mummy Cow - you are right! I don't think employees in industry would put up with the stuff we do! Two and a half for me.

Rosiero - you are correct, with all the problems we've had with computers this term, we've all been going back to paper. Shame about all the trees, though!

Brit in Bosnia - oh no, blackboard not such a good idea, then? btw I have popped into your blog before, but didn't follow, off to rectify that now!

cheshire wife said...

I can commiserate with you. My computer has given up for the second time in a week. Husband is out. So I am using his computer, unknown to him.