Friday, 30 October 2009

Tacky, but by no means cheap!

Yesterday we had one of our family fun days. We decided to go to Blackpool to show daughter the lights. It's many years since I've been to Blackpool and I think it will be many more before I go back.

Now, I know Blackpool is tacky, and if you take it in that vein it can be quite good fun, but it was the cost! Even armed with £56 worth of vouchers, we managed to spend another £100 on top of that. So how did a family of three spend over £150 in one day in Blackpool?

Well, firstly there was the car park - £7.50 for the day. Pay and display car parks, all of them, and they don't take notes. How many people have £7.50 on them in change? None of the bemused people in the queue by the pay and display machine, that's for sure.

Then, we headed for the Tower. £48 for three! If I hadn't had £40 of Tesco Days Out Vouchers I wouldn't have bothered. Even for the £8 it cost us, it wasn't worth it. The aquarium was disappointing, the queue for the lift to the top was through the queuing system, down the corridor, through the doors and all along the balcony of the ballroom, so we didn't bother. The ballroom was impressive (we just wanted to see where Strictly is next week!). The children's play area was large with only one entrance (we thought that was good for security), but daughter got lost inside and couldn't find her way out, another child helped her and then she wanted to leave.

Okay, so we'll try the Sealife Centre £32 (but we had a two for one voucher from Debenhams). Nice aquariums, but we missed the shark feeding as we were patiently waiting by the wrong sharks!

Now the Golden Isle Indoor Golf (daughter loves indoor golf), by this time I thought we'd just pay for husband and daughter - £5. I hadn't appreciated how large it was and sat for an hour waiting for them to come out.

Time for a fish and chip supper - £18. Nice food, piping hot and lots of lovely bread and butter, but husband's meal arrived at a different time from ours so we ate separately.

A bus to the Pleasure Beach - £4. This was quite funny; I realised that my daughter had never been on a bus before when she sat down and asked "Where are the seat belts?"

Pleasure Beach - COMPLETE RIP-OFF - SINCE WHEN HAVE YOU HAD TO PAY JUST TO ENTER THE PLEASURE BEACH!!? £15 for three of us just to go in and "experience the ambience of the Pleasure Beach"! Then we bought £15 worth of ride tickets enabling daughter to go on six rides. If you think about it, that's £5 per ride!

Open Top Tram from Pleasure Beach to the Tower to see the lights - £5

Now I was ready to go home, but husband said we hadn't seen all the lights. Two more trams (£10) and an hour later we had a very tired and tetchy five year old on our hands who declared that the lights were no longer "cool", but "boring" and "all you do is look at them"!

Oh, and if you are wondering why there are no photos with this post, the batteries had gone in the camera (guess who was the last to use it - yes, husband!)

Next time I'm packing a picnic and going to a National Trust Property. Much better value.


Fat, frumpy and fifty... said...

good for you for going, l've never quite managed to get up the enthusiasm. Larry takes the kids to alton towers biannually, l stay home, l'm a scaredy cat!

A Modern Mother said...

I guess there is a difference between tacky and cheap (you must be a teacher!)

Littlemummy said...

Doesn't sound like much fun at all, I hate days out that are bad value.

Emma @Not such a yummy mummy said...

I love Blackpool but only pop over for the day when the weather is nice and we can walk everywhere. It is expensive for parking but we refuse to go anywhere near the Pleasure Beach so it's not too bad. We eat greasy burgers and chips on the sea front and raid our piggy banks so we can spend ages on the 2p machines.
I'm dreading Sam growing up as I can imagine he'll want all the bells & whistles that go with Blackpool rather than doing it cheaply like we currently do.
Despite being overpriced, a bit manky and full of pissheads it still holds a certain kind of magic to me. Years of happy memories.

Anonymous said...

Very expensive - We are 5 so I think we might have to give that one a miss!

Maggie May said...

What a pity..... no photos.
It is just the same here. All those admittance fees are so expensive. I feel really sorry for Mums with lots of children...... well I suppose they just don't get to go.

Nuts in May

Kelloggsville said...

Thanks for that post. I had been considering going (I threaten the family with it every year!) but I too will stick with NT!!!!

scrappysue said...

it's too late to do math, but over 150 pounds for the day? at least?