Thursday, 22 October 2009

Sorry, the bolognese is off tonight

Time for a catch up, methinks.

Firstly, let me tell you that my lie-in on Sunday was non-existent due to being woken up at 7.00am by husband's alarm clock which he had forgotten to switch off before he left! So I was wide awake by the time the joiner arrived. In fact, I was in my decorating clothes sanding the hall woodwork.

I think I should also explain that our joiner is my fabulous childminder's husband and is fitting in our jobs at the weekend because he has a big kitchen contract on at the moment, so I'm just glad that he's coming at all. He's now fitted six new doors upstairs and is going to start on a new staircase next weekend. It's all looking good!

It seems like ages since I was in the blogosphere and I apologise for my lack of reading of other blogs (I'll catch up at half term). I've been having such a busy time of it recently. I've had tons of work at school with assessments to mark, open evenings and parents' evenings. You'll be glad to know that I knew all the children's names! Last night's year 7 parents said lovely things about how their children are really enjoying my lessons and that they have increased their confidence in my subject so, as they say in the Fast Show, that was nice!

I went to see Michael McIntyre this week at the MEN Arena (part of my birthday present), which was fab!

I've also been filling any extra minutes with trying to sand and paint the hall, stairs and landing, but that's gone a bit wrong as "Soft Sunlight" has turned out to be "Luminous Pea Green" even though the tester pot looked fine. So it's off to B&Q this weekend to change it for "Buttermilk".

We also had daughter's Parents' Evening this week and learned that she is well on the way to being a free reader. In a way I'm hoping that she doesn't want to read her own bedtime stories 'cause that's the thing I really enjoy. Depending on the book, of course; I can't say I was enamoured of the "Magic Ponies" book she got from the library last week!

She's also still making me laugh with her quips. This morning I was writing the Tesco list and asked her if she'd like to choose a meal. She had complained that she never gets to choose what we eat, so I said she could pick one meal a week. She thought for a bit and then said "spaghetti bolognese".

"Good", I said and added the ingredients to the shopping list for Saturday.

This evening I made pasta twists with bacon and tomato sauce, put it on the table and called her into the kitchen.

She took one look at the meal and said,

"That isn't what I ordered"!

Roll on half term!


Strictly said...

I wouldn't worry about her not wanting a bedtime story, we still read to our nearly 11 year old who has been free reading for years and she loves it. She then reads herself for another 45 mins.

Maggie May said...

They do grow up fast, don't they?

I have been helping Yr 2 with reading during dinner hour, just 2 a day and it is surprising how vastly different the readers are. Most are highly fluent and just need to practice expression & punctuation but some can only do the basics. Mostly boys!

Great to have half term.

Nuts in May

Kelloggsville said...

She was right you know. There is no way you can pass off twists with bacon and tomato sauce as spaghetti bolognese.

Clever girl!

You wait another year and she'll be asking to complain to the manager!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you need a relaxing half-term, unlikely I expect! I'm a fan of Michael McIntyre and have spent many an evening in with his DVDs.

Mandy said...

What is it with the husband's and their alarms!!! I'm reading your blog at 6am Saturday morning because my darling's alarm went off. He's gone back to sleep now! But, I empathize with you on being behind on the reading - so I guess this has been a blessing in disguise.
Hope all is well with you. Catch up soon.

scrappysue said...

all that build up and no llie-in, but at least the handy man is handy!!!

i love spag bog too :) and it's always what i ordered!!!

Polly said...

Wow seems life is busy busy in your neck of the woods!

Your poor daughter, just when she finally thought she may get some pull, mum builds her up then knocks her down again!!!

Love it!!

Working Mum said...

Strictly - I'm so glad about that, can't give up my bedtime stories, yet!

Maggie - I am absolutely amazed at how my daughter has developed in her reading. She reads fluently and with expression - she'll be reading to me at bedtime soon!

Kelloggsville - I wasn't passing it off as bolognese, the bolognese will come next week! If only five year olds had a sense of time......

Rosie Scribble - if you get the chance, go and see him live.

Mandy - Hello! I popped into your blog to say thanks for being a follower and to leave a comment, but your comment thing isn't working - check it out.

Scrappy Sue - they love spag bol in this house, we'd have it every week if I let them.

Polly - I promise she'll get spag bol next week after I've done the food shop. Poor girl, she thinks everything happens instantly.