Saturday, 17 October 2009

A lie-in? What's a lie-in?

This afternoon husband is taking daughter to his sister's in Sheffield to attend her cousin's birthday party. A birthday party that starts at 6.30pm. Izzy's bed time. Because of this, he has arranged for them to stay over at his sister's rather than drive Izzy home afterwards.

You know what this means?

  1. I can go shopping this afternoon with my mum. Proper, leisurely, "let's look at stuff" shopping rather than "where is she? what's she doing?" shopping.
  2. I have a whole evening to myself to watch DVDs, eat chocolate, drink wine and catch up on a few blogs.
  3. I can have a lie-in tomorrow!
Did you see number 3?

A proper, no one in the house at all to wake me, lie-in. My first proper lie-in in five and a half years. Bliss.

And boy, do I need one. With the work I've been doing on the house (ceilings now painted and have started on woodwork on landing), the busy time I've been having at school (including several 13 hour days with Open Evenings and Parent Evenings) and not to mention my visit to hospital, I am exhausted. I could sleep standing up!

Then the joiner phoned to say he'll be round at 8.00am tomorrow to work on the staircase.

Sods law!


Kelloggsville said...

I would have told the joiner, that the door refused to open until 9am. Anything earlier is unseemly (!) for a lady on her own. Hope you have a nice evening. x

scrappysue said...

you would have woken before 8 anyway - but having the house to yourself? absolute bliss - enjoy

Donna said...

YES!! Get some rest!! Goodness! You NEED some time to yourself once in a while!!hughugs

Maternal Tales said...

Oh honey - I would have definitely told the joiner not to come on a all...ever. You needed that lie in. Hope you had a bit of a break though xx

A Modern Mother said...

On a Sunday morning? Lock the door and don't let anyone in...

Catharine Withenay said...

I'm with Maternal Tales. Joinery can wait - lie-ins are a rare and precious commodity that should never be abused.

Hope you enjoyed the time to yourself.

Jacki said...

So did you enjoy your weekend! I sure hope so!

Anonymous said...

Very important, having a lie in. But if your body is used to getting up early then I doubt you'll lie in for long anyway....!

CJ xx

Tawny said...

I am with the others, and not opened the door!

Now go put your feet up.

cheshire wife said...

I would have told the joiner were to go. I won't have workmen here before 9am on a Sunday. Couldn't he have waited a week? The clocks go back this weekend.

Anonymous said...

6.30 bedtime? And you complain you don't get a lie-in?

My six year old goes to bed around 9pm. It was 8pm when from when she was about 4 years old.

She gets up at 8am for school but on a weekend she'll happily sleep in until 9-9.30.

If you put them to bed early, they're going to wake up early. It's not rocket science.

A friend of mine insisted that she tried putting her boy to bed later but that 'he still wakes up at 6am' just more grumpy. Of course, she only tried it for a day or two.

We went on holiday to Spain together this summer. We didn't even leave to go out for dinner until 9pm most nights. Within three days her boy was staying up until midnight and waking up around 10-11am. Point proven I think.

Besides... what about your social life? How on earth do you go out for a family dinner in the evening if your kid has to be in bed by 6.30?

My partner and I both work full time and enjoy going out for dinner in the evenings with our daughter.

If she went to bed at 6.30 every night we'd hardly see her!

Do yourself a favour and alter your kids bedtime to something that suits a family! 8pm-9pm is perfect in my opinion for primary kids. You can enjoy more time with them but still have half the evening left after they've gone to bed, to watch a bit of telly if you like that sort of thing. Bed at 11.30, up at 7.30, but importantly a lie-in at weekends.

Hope this helps

Working Mum said...

Anonymous - I don't normally respond to anonymous comments, but I think your intentions are good so I will.

The average 5/6 year old needs 11 hours sleep to develop properly and to be able to concentrate at school, but children do vary. My daughter seems to need that amount of sleep however we structure it. Her teacher (year 2) recommends they go to bed no later than 7.30pm and since we get up at 6.30am, she goes to bed at about 7pm and I go at about 9.30pm! In the holidays I am more flexible, but I don't really want her getting up later than 8am or the day's gone.

My post was meant to be funny, sorry if you thought it was a rant or a lament. Thank you for taking the time to comment.