Sunday, 25 October 2009

It was a long time coming

Half term has arrived. It seemed a long time coming, but it's finally here. And this year the powers that be at my school have decided that we will have two weeks off for half term. Yay!

Notice that my reaction is the opposite of most of the other mothers of children in daughter's class who are horrified at the thought of entertaining their offspring for 14 entire days. What will they do without Kumon Maths, Le Petit Francais french lessons, riding lessons and gymnastics?

(Yes, there is a hint of sarcasm there)

Well, I'm going to enjoy it! I'll be doing a few jobs and spending time with my daughter.

I'll be getting my hair cut, the car MOTed, the garden tidied and painting some of the hall, stairs and landing. btw "Buttermilk" has turned out to be luminous green as well, I think it's something to do with energy saving lightbulbs being a blue light. I'm trying "Lunar Falls" next - it's costing me a fortune! Any suggestions for a pale yellow paint that doesn't turn green under energy saving light bulbs are gratefully received.

We'll also try to fit in a family day out, probably to Blackpool to show Izzy the lights. I remember going riding on a tram and seeing that lights at her age and I thought it was magical!

We'll have a trip to the cinema to see "Ice Age 3" or "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" (I'm favouring the second). We were going to see Disney Pixar's "Up" in 3-D, but Rosie Scribble's review made me have a rethink. If anyone sees "Fantastic Mr Fox" could you let me know if it's suitable for a five year old?

I've booked Izzy into the holiday club at school for a couple of days (she begged to go on the day they can take their bikes and cycle around school!) so that I can go in and write this year's Entrance Exam.

And of course, Hallowe'en is in the middle of the holiday and I've arranged a play date for Izzy where I will organise the baking of freaky fingers, gingerbread skeletons, spiderweb muffins and pumpkin cookies.

(If you want any of the recipes, just click on the pictures)

Then I'll be spending lots of time on the Wii fit burning off all of the calories generated by the above!!

Happy Half Term Holiday!


Suburbia said...

I am very jealous. We used to get a week and a half and now this has been cut to just the week :(

All that you have planned sounds lovely.

Have you ever considered rejecting the energy saving bulbs?!!! Not very PC but d├ęcor wise a hell of a lot nicer!


Kelloggsville said...

our half term has just finished - wish I were you!!! Have a great time.

I use Calico as my base colour. It is a cream but seems to come from the grey family rather than the yellows so it doesn't hue green. My bathroom is Edwardian Lemon and that doesn't hue green either - that sits ok under LED light. Good Luck x

Maggie May said...

You are going to be very busy then!

We only get the week here! But I am going to be very busy doing things that I can't normally do. People round who I normally cannot fit in and as far as I can tell it will be a child free week. Mixed feelings about that!

Nuts in May

Working Mum said...

Suburbia - husband says we're not going to fry the planet so that I can have a yellow hall (I'm inclined to agree) so I just have to find the right colour!

Kelloggsville - I've got your comment just as I've got back from B&Q with another six tester pots; if I don't find one that works, I'll try yours.

Maggie May - we always have to do the stuff we can't fit in in term time, don't we? Hope you do get to see your granddaughters. That's the other thing I'm doing; my dad is taking a day off work next week and we're having a day with grandma and grandad. Bliss!

ModernMom said...

I am way jealous! We have to wait until March to get 1 week off with our little ones!

auntiegwen said...

Have a fab half term, we go back tomorrow.

mater familias said...

I have to admit, I am facing half-term with deep breaths and some apprehension. I would very happily entertain just one of my children for however long, but currently it is war over the slightest thing between them. I will be outnumbered, with husband only taking one day off out of the entire fortnight. Support from the other half makes a lot of difference . . .

Anonymous said...

I would HIGHLY recommend Ice-Age 3. We watched in recently in 3-D and it was great. There were definetly no scary bits so you should be safe with this one, perfectly acceptable for a 5-year-old! Hope I'm not putting too many people off Up! Ten-year-olds may love it.

Working Mum said...

Modern Mum - that is a long time to wait. Don't the children get tired?

Auntie Gwen - so the afternoon naps are over for a while, then?

Mater Familias - hang in there! It will get better when they are a little older and can play nicely together (until they become teenagers and want to kill each other). Will phone you later to arrange to meet up next week and give you some respite. WM x

Working Mum said...

Rosie Scribble - I may go to Ice Age 3; I wasn't a great fan of the first two, but daughter likes them. I put a link to your review of Up so that hopefully people will read it and see that you just thought Up not suitable for little ones. I think I will get it on Dvd and daughter can watch it when she's older.

Polly said...

Yes we took Ollie to see Up and while most of it went over his head, I don't really think it was a young children's movie. Id be opting for something else. It was a great movie though.

Not sure if your colour charts are the same as ours but we used a Dulux paint called "Hogs Bristle" although its more a beige than yello.

Working Mum said...

Polly - we definitely don't have a "Hog's Bristle"! What a great name for a paint! I'm trying Daffodil White next, wish me luck.

Sass E-mum said...

I was discouraged from Up by Scrappy Sue's feedback. Great film, but not quite age appropriate.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was great. You might also enjoy the substory of the pretty weather girl who's also very smart.

I don't have a school holiday strategy yet. Let's have a big cheer for year round pre-school!

rosiero said...

Just catching up with your posts written while I was away. I would have thought you would have used half-term to put your feet up. Your are so enterprising. I loved the recipes. Might try some. Sadly Kay will not be here for Halloween for the first time in ages, but all the neihbours' kids will be around knocking on doors, so i might try some of those fingers!

Working Mum said...

Sass e-mum - I think I'll go for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, then. I have to go to a film that I'll enjoy as well!

Rosiero - those freaky fingers do look fab and they come with a recipe for brain balls (made from popcorn). The kids will love them!