Friday, 16 October 2009

C minus for Working Mum

Today I failed in my bid to be the most organised working mum on the planet. Usually, I pride myself on being so organised I know exactly who is doing what and when, and I make sure that all required items are procured well in advance. I manage full-time job, daughter, husband and house with alacrity.


So how did I fail?

At breakfast, all was calm in the Working Mum household. Daughter was dressed in pristine school uniform (okay, it was "Izzy" clean) and we were eating our Weetabix and looking forward to the day ahead. (Don't you just hate the utopian picture I've just painted? Well, don't worry it's soon to be shattered)

"You've got Maths and Singing today, Izzy" I said, "Isn't that a nice day?"

"No, I haven't" she said.

"Yes, you have. It's here on your timetable. That would have been a perfect day for me at school" and I continued to wax lyrical about my favourite subjects at school.

"No, I haven't" she said, "I'm going to the Chestnut Centre"


I had a vague recollection of filling out a form and sending a cheque to school a couple of weeks ago. I shot over to the pinboard where the letter was still hanging and yes, she was right, the trip was today - waterproofs, warm clothes and a packed lunch were required.

It was 7.20am.

We had 10 minutes before we had to leave for school.

"Stooooooooop!" I shouted, as husband was just leaving the house, "Get her changed, I'll do a packed lunch, where have we left her wellies?"

A mad panic ensued. Luckily I had the components of a packed lunch in the house so I didn't have to make a mad dash to the One Stop. Husband managed to change daughter into sensible (and matching!) warm clothes. Wellies were found.

Disaster averted.

In my defence, I was at work until 9.30pm last night and arrived home so exhausted I went straight to bed without checking what was needed for the next day. How could I have been so slapdash?

C minus, more effort required.


Kelloggsville said...

blimey, in sporting terms : bit of a fumble but well recovered!!!

it happens to everybody at some point - hope she had fun.


Working Mum said...

Kelloggsville - she did. And she seemed oblivious to the fact that she nearly went on a school trip to a nature centre in school uniform with no packed lunch.

Maggie May said...

That happens to everyone. Don't worry!
Everything worked out in the end.

Nuts in May

scrappysue said...

and you get a c minus for being so hard on yourself! miss 11's drama class time changed from a 5pm start to a 4.30pm start. this i remember at 4.50 - i blame jet lag. i was also signed up for parent help at guides - 1 hour and 45 minutes after i stepped off a plane from heathrow.

i did not show up.

E for effort.

Suburbia said...

Easy done! At least you realised BEFORE you got to school! That would have got you a D-

Hee Hee

mater familias said...

I have been laughing loudly and smugly - it's not often I am more with it than you! However, must admit that my packed lunch could have been packed better and a bit more 'healthy'. Son complained that his two jam tarts were stuck together and there were no hula hoops . . .

Brighton Mum-Teenage Angst said...

I've done that, more than once..Oops, I think that might class as 'U' for ungraded! Just a minor blip, you were tired. Give Izzy an A* though..

Sass E-mum said...

Great recovery. If you can get things like that sorted at ten minutes notice... da da daaaaa.... perhaps you don't always need to be so organised.

On the other hand, the stress would be terrifying.

Coincidentally the comment moderation word is tense.

Felinedream said...

It does indeed happen to everyone. I have two calendars in the house with the dates of trips, clubs, inset days, holidays, parties, my uni nights etc on them. We also have a shared calendar on the computer so that hubby also knows all these days. We inevitably forget to consult them from time to time.

Catharine Withenay said...

... but that's a normal morning in our house ...

Glad it worked out OK!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Hey, at least your daughter is organized. She knew. And she told you just in time for you to be organized, too. At least from the school POV.

Plus you delegated effectively, asking your hubs to change your daughter's clothes while you made a lunch. Delegation is the sign of a true organizational genius.

I think I'd upgrade this to a B. :)