Saturday, 5 September 2009

A shocking time

Everything about the hall, stairs and landing seems to be going wrong from the start. Firstly, the shower leaked into the hall, the plasterers still haven't finished and now this:

Last week I unscrewed all the sockets and light switches in the hall and on the landing so that the plasterers could plaster round them, just as I have done in every other room in the house.

On Friday night I was sitting in bed reading when there was a bang and the landing lights went out. "Oh, the bulb's gone", I thought, "I'll leave the RCD switch till the morning" and I went to sleep without flicking the lights fuse back on. Husband arrived home from his night out and crept to bed in the dark none the wiser.

On Saturday morning husband realised there were no upstairs lights and flicked the fuse back on the RCD unit.

On Saturday evening we heard a buzzing noise which we traced to a light switch on the landing which then started to produce smoke! We quickly turned the lights off at the fuse, positioned a smoke alarm above the offending switch and went to bed where I didn't sleep very well. Thank goodness I hadn't put the lights back on the previous night!

This morning I was screwing the socket fronts back on when there was an almightly bang and all the upstairs sockets fused.

Now I'm getting worried.

Not only that, this is when I hate working full time because I don't have any time off work now until half term (end of October) to get the electricians in.



rosiero said...

I'd get those wires and sockets checked asap. If it needs rewiring, you're in for more expense and upheaval - commiserations!

Working Mum said...

Rosiero - we had the whole house rewired when we moved in, at an expense of £4000!!! The wires in the switches and sockets have obviously been pulled loose or pinched or something. I'm hoping to find a housesitter to let the electricians in this week - god, I hate it that I can't take time off to sort out emergencies!

Maggie May said...

Aww..... WM........ you know I have had this type of thing happen recently so I am totally in sympathy with you.
Nothing worse than the electricity going wrong. Smoke is not good. Hope it gets fixed very quickly.

I called out emergency and had it dealt with quickly but expensively.
Had a new meter and a private electrician for inside. Wouldn't mind, but no one can tell me what happened or why or whether it will happen again. I like answers.

Working Mum said...

Working Mum - luckily our electrician is contactable at the weekend so I've spoken to him and he assures me that our state of the art RCD box will keep us all safe and not to worry, he will come and sort it all out this week. I don't think I'd like not knowing what caused it, electricity is so dangerous when it goes wrong.

gigi said...

I'm sorry for your troubles. Good luck.

Kelloggsville said...

Somebody recently said to me "the worse never happens" - it's a wise saying to go to bed by when you need some sleep! Your electrician will find the problem. We went through a phase of the RCD tripping at the drop of a hat and the problems were slowly sorted. These type of house hold irritations are a pain that seem almost self consuming when they are happening though!! Hope the other end of the tunnel comes quickly for you. Walk towards the light!!!! x

Anonymous said...

Yikes. That's not good.

Expat mum said...

What a bloody pain! I have to admit I did laugh at the fact that you thought the first loud bang was a bulb expiring. What kind of light bulbs are you buying?

Pippa said...

Get a sparky in ASAP!

Megan the Plumber said...

Sounds like an absolute nightmare