Friday, 14 August 2009

While the daughter's away .......

Daughter has been safely delivered to grandparents who will entertain and spoil her for two days before depositing her back at our door and then collapsing in an exhausted heap. Husband was quite right, in her absence, there are jobs to be done:
  • clean patio
  • paint daughter's playhouse in garden
  • supervise installation of new front door and frame
  • strip paint from staircase
  • argue with bathroom company about their liability for our leaking shower (we've had to pull down the ceiling in the hall where the plasterboard has now rotted from the leak)
  • organise under stairs cupboard
  • pursuade, cagole, threaten joiner to come and fix architraves and skirtings before plasterers come
  • clear out and fumigate daughter's bedroom and try to throw away assorted crap and baby items while she is away and hope she doesn't notice (not a chance)
So far:
  • husband has scrubbed patio and painted daughter's playhouse
  • new front door and frame have been successfully installed and are looking beautiful (photos later)
  • I've spent two hours stripping paint (in a fetching respirator mask) and have done one newel post and about 1.5m of handrail (it's going to be a long job)
  • husband has argued unsuccessfully with bathroom company who want £50 to come and find out why shower is leaking (ie what they've done wrong)
  • joiner promises to call this weekend to sort out a list of jobs (not to do them, you notice, just to make a list!)
  • I've spent two hours in daughter's bedroom cleaning, tidying and throwing out stuff. It now looks like someone could sleep in there (is she a teenager before her time?)
Then we kind of went off the list:
  • husband has beaten my scores on several balance games on Wii Fit (although he can't beat my ski jump!) and is now shooting people in "Call of Duty"
  • I've been drawn, like Odysseus to the Sirens, to the laptop to do a bit of blogging
So I guess that's the end of the jobs for today!

However, despite the jobs, we are taking advantage of being childless by treating ourselves and going out for a meal tonight.

Yes, going out, in the evening, for a meal, together.

Quite a novel experience.


PippaD said...

I am so sneaky and practice on all of DH's games when he isn't here so that I can beat him when we play together :o)

Oh and well done on the jobs so far...want to come do my room?

Insomniac Mummy said...

A meal out, alone, sans children? Nope does not compute!


Craig said...

And make sure you are back from the restaurant in time for Match of the Day - 'tis funny how quick the footie season comes round again ;-)

Anonymous said...

I suppose it should be restful but there's always something to do. Hope it's going well.

CJ xx

Working Mum said...

PippaD - glad it's not just me doing the computer game thing!

Insomniac Mummy - it was very strange, we spent the first 20 minutes wondering what to say to each other!

Craig - we went out on Friday; MoTD is sacrosanct!

Crystal Jigsaw - a few jobs got done and we had a bit of a rest, so yep, quite successful

Reluctant Housewife said...

Oh wow... you're such a hard worker! I'd take anytime the kids had with their grandparents to relax and go on dates with hubby. I'd probably have some drinks on a patio somewhere, too.

Polly said...

Oh congratulations, if only I could steal some of your motivation for my own husband who seems to spend his Sunday's with a hangover.....Damn Rugby season, my dragon breath is about to flare.

Hope that you had a really lovely night out together, those moments are just way too precious these days aren't they.

scrappysue said...

well, i should HOPE that you spend some time together - NOT nailing and painting things! you are quite a pair - that's an impressive list of achievements!

family affairs said...

THANK GOODNESS YOU'RE GOING OUT FOR A MEAL TOGETHER...most important thing on your list Lx

Working Mum said...

Reluctant - I dream of the day I can do that, but there's too much to do on the house.

Polly - it's taken years of training, he he he!

Scrappy Sue - we did have a lovely meal together and a few games on the Wii, so it's not all work, work, work!

Family Affairs - it's funny, we used to eat out together every weekend before daughter arrived, now it's a major treat to eat out just the two of us without the colouring books, games and quizzes on the table - we were a bit stuck for something to do, he he he!